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   Chapter 6 The Engagement Party Of Essie's Prince

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His voice was low and it obviously hinted flirtation. For a second, Essie stood stunned. But slowly, his words began to sink in. She clearly understood what he was implying. And as a consequence, her face blushed crimson red. "Don't mention it. I have forgotten it," she said, trying to maintain her composure.

Zac's black eyes blinked, unable to believe she had forgotten it.

He remembered everything, clear as day! Every second, the scene played in his mind.

He woke up feeling hazy today. At first, his head felt unusually unclear, and he was unable to remember a thing! But soon, it began to fill up. Missing pieces of yesterday, came to his mind, one by one. He was a neat freak. No woman could touch him even if he was drunk. But when she was around, the defensive system seemed to be invaded by virus, breaking down instantly. To start with, she wasn't like any other woman he had come across. She was both beautiful and pure. Even her smell was intoxicating. At present, he couldn't control himself. He was curious and wanted to know what she thought of last night.

"Did you really forget everything?" He stared at her with utter disbelief. He had hoped she would remember something. He was certain some of the details would be missing, but knowing she forgot everything pained him. After all, it was her first time.

With her brows wrinkled in a straight line and her eyes filled with ferocity, Essie said, "I told you not to mention it again. You've ruined everything. We are incompatible in almost every way."

She almost roared at him. Instead of getting angry, Zac wore a slight smile on his face. His first time was "destroyed" in her hands. Now they were even.

She had expected Zac to get angry, but he didn't. Instead, he merely stood, not saying anything at all. This was when she realized she had to hold back her anger. After the engagement party, they had to get a divorce and go on separate ways.

She walked into the room and started to dress up. She put on the honey waist dress that she designed, tied up her black hair and pulled it up into an elegant updo. Then she wore a light make-up.

When she came out, Zac's eyes froze for a moment. This girl was even more beautiful after dressing up.


forget your role. You are rich and handsome," she reminded, hoping he wouldn't mess up. Although he was an able man with a handsome face and powerful aura, she thought it was vital to remind him. It would be quite awkward if someone managed to see through his disguise.

"Don't worry." A charming smile appeared on his lips. This was a piece of cake for him.

The Intercontinental Hotel was beautifully decorated.

The wedding hall was brimming with joy.

The engagement of Hanson and Sunny had caused a sensation in the select society of Yang City, and almost all the rich and powerful people in the city had been invited.

When Essie walked in with Zac, everyone's eyes began to be glued to them, like a moth to the flame.

Zac was as glorious as the sun which made all the men feel insecure and all the women become enchanted by him. The beauty of Essie was like the fresh lotus flower, blooming gradually. She made all the girls with their heavy make-up look less beautiful.

Seeing the way every girl was admiring Essie's radiating beauty, Sunny was overcome with jealousy. Hanson, on the other hand, had similar emotions course through him. If he said he didn't like Essie, he would be lying. But he couldn't love her. Love was a luxury ever since the moment he found his origin.

"God bless you, Hanson!" said Essie. And Essie tried her best to smile and relax. She had decided not to love him anymore, but her heart was still aching.

Zac and Hanson were observing each other with a murderous look in their eyes.

Zac wrapped his arms around Essie, announcing his sovereignty over her. Then he led her to walk down the stairs. He found a seat and made her sit, like a gentleman. Upon seeing the way in which Zac was treating her, Hanson's heart trembled with fury. Yet the worst part was, he couldn't do anything. He was compelled to watch her happy life.

Essie rested his eyes on the staircase. Hanson and Sunny were both born to wealthy families. This must be the so-called marriage of equal social rank! She analyzed the hall and the grand look of it. A feeling of rage began to brew in her heart. Yet she did her best to look happy.

She used to be a princess of the castle and lived an extravagant life, but...

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