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   Chapter 5 Pretending To Be Rich And Handsome

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"Zac, thank you for helping me just now. Well Can we put off the procedures until the finishment of the engagement party tomorrow? "

"Depend on you." Zac shrugged. It didn't matter if it was a day later.

"Thank you." Thinking of this, she breathed a sigh of relief. She had to save her dignity tomorrow.

Then she invited him to have lunch with her.

Walking into the restaurant next to the community, she ordered the cheapest sour noodles and braised soy bean curds, and paid the bill, going Dutch as well.

"Let me pay." Zac took out his wallet, but Essie didn't seem to hear him and just handed the money to him.

After taking her seat, she smiled and said, "we met by chance, and after this awkward marriage, we won't meet each other again. We should go Dutch."

Zac nodded as approval to her words.

The waiter served the noodles very soon. Essie gave Zac a dried bean as she was the host. "Help yourself. The food here is cheap and delicious. The most important thing is that there is no ditch oil. "

Zac raised his beautiful eyebrows, "how do you know whether they use ditch oil or not? "

"My intestines and stomach are not good. If it's ditch oil, I will have diarrhea if I take a bite." Said Essie mischievously.

'She should be in Food and Drug Administration with your talent.' Zac praised.

When they were eating, Essie suddenly stopped and took a sip of water. She raised her head to look at Zac and asked, "What do you do? "

She wanted to know more about him. After all, he was her husband legally. It would be bad if he was a wanted criminal or he was in a huge amount of usury. She would be responsible for it.

"I used to do architectural work. But now I don't have any work to do." Zac replied carelessly. She didn't need to know his background.

'Architecture? Did he build houses and move bricks on construction site?

Well, at least it was a job.'

Hearing that, Essie was relieved again. Her big black eyes rolled twice and she asked, "Where do you live now? " She had to figure out where he lived. If she couldn't get in touch with him tomorrow, she could also find him at his house.

"Hotel." Zac said perfunctorily. This woman had too many questions!

"I don't think it's

a good idea for you to live in a private hotel of only dozens of dollars. When I first moved to Yang City, I was so shocked that I almost fell into a trap." She explained, covering her mouth with her hands. According to her idea, a hobo who came from another city and didn't have much money at all. So he had to stay in some cheap private hotels because the fees of some economical hotels should be several hundred for one night now, and he couldn't afford it.

"I'm a man. Why should I be deceived?" Zac shrugged, hoping to end the topic of household registration as soon as possible.

Essie's agreed for the words made sense. He was a poor man with only beauty. Frauds might not be interested in him. Sensing the impatience in his tone, she stopped digging deeper.

They went away after lunch. Besides, there was another important thing for her to do. She wanted to make a nice business suit for Zac. As a jobless vagabond, he must have a box of cheap goods, which would expose themselves if he were to wear them.

She went to the East Gate market and bought good cloth. The next day, when Zac came, he saw a tailored suit and a well matched fashion shirt.

"Try it on!" Essie said with a smile.

Zac was always picky. Anything if he don't like would be trash in her eyes. He would never accept it, neither people nor things.

The little girl had a good taste and the clothes were very beautiful. He took them.

The size fitted him well.

She admired him for both her talent of design and his perfect body. He has a nine-head body, perfect proportion with golden divided and evenly proportioned muscular. He was just right with his figures.

Even if the beggar clothes covering on his body could be sublimated to a new fashion level.

It was a blessing to have such a perfect model. She would get inspiration by taking a look at him when her mind was exhausted.

While she was thinking, Zac came over. "How do you know my size?"

"By visual inspection." With a smug smile, Essie raised her eyebrows. Her eyes could tell the size of clients without measurement.

Blake curled his lips into a devilish smile. He leaned to get closer to her and asked, "are you observing me by my eyes in the daytime or at night?"

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