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   Chapter 4 Provocation Of The Rival In Love

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Essie knew that the conflict between Sunny and her was about to escalate. She asked Zac to wait and she went to her.

"I heard everything you said yesterday." Xavier covered his mouth and laughed wildly. "I'm sorry. Harrison loves me. You don't know how nice he is to me. He proposed to me only a few days after we were together. He said that there were too many admirers around me, and he always worried that someone would take me away."

Essie had more important things to do and didn't want to waste time in arguing with her. "You think too much. Yesterday was April Fool's Day. I was just kidding with Hanson. "

"Stop pretending!" Sunny sneered, "I knew you loved Hanson from the beginning. Yesterday, Hanson was afraid that I might misunderstand him, so he explained to me that he would not take a fancy to you. You stinky mouse, which was crawling out of the garbage bin. He felt disgusted about you from head to toe. He asked me to tell you, don't be daydreaming. The poor people in the bus and subway are the most suitable for you. " After countless rounds with Essie, she had always been the winner, because Essie was a loser in both wealth and power.

Not far away, Zac vaguely heard their conversation. For Sunny, he only had one feeling: deserve a good beating!

She should be grateful that he never beat women, otherwise she couldn't stand on that piece of land to breathe smoothly!

Essie's face was as pale as a piece of paper. She turned around and was about to leave. Sunny stretched out her hand to stop her. She hadn't finished berating yet.

At the sight of this, Zac came over and put his arm around her shoulder. "Baby, shall we go now? "

"You are..." Sunny looked at him and was greatly shocked. She had alre

ady seen him in the car. He was as perfect as a God. It was difficult to not attract the attention of others.

"Who is he?" Zac said as he patted her on the shoulder.

"He's my boyfriend. He comes from Dragon City and his father is chairman of a multinational group. "Said Essie. She said clearly and slowly, and the last sentence was a result of her own performance.

Sunny was so shocked that her eyes almost dropped to the ground. The man in front of her was elegant and extraordinary. He had an indescribable dignity in his natural temperament, as if he was a king superior to the world. And obviously he was not an ordinary person.

Therefore, it seemed that Essie didn't lie to her.

When she was in a daze, Zac said in a low voice, "Essie, you look pale. Tell me who bullied you. No matter who, I will make her die worse than a pig. " Although his voice was soft, his murderous intent was terrifying.

Sunny backed up a few steps unconsciously for fear that he would blow her head off.

"Nothing. It's just a disgusting roach. Let's go. "Said Essie, holding onto Zac's arm.

Looking at their receding figures, Sunny had a strange look in her eyes. She took out a marriage invitation from her bag and quickly caught up with them. "Hanson asked me to give it to you. He wants you and your boyfriend to attend the party together. " She was very clear that, it was not true that Hanson had no feelings for Essie at all. When he saw her boyfriend, he would give up and love her with all his heart.

For the sake of Hanson, Essie took the invitation. As soon as Sunny was gone, she quickly pulled her arm out of the crook of Zac's arm.

Things had become a bit complicated and the divorce plan seemed to be slightly changed.

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