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   Chapter 4 Provocation Of The Rival In Love

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Essie knew that the conflict between Sunny and her was about to escalate. Knowing this, she asked Zac to wait before approaching her.

"I heard everything you've said that day." Sunny sneered. "Hanson loves me. You don't even know half of what he does to me. In fact, he proposed to me within a few days since we've been together. In fact, he even said how I had so many admires that he was afraid that someone else would take me away."

Essie snorted. Unlike Sunny, she had more important things to get to, and she didn't want to waste her entire day by arguing with Sunny. "You're thinking too much. Yesterday was April Fool's. I was only kidding."

"Stop pretending!" she snarled. "I know you love Hanson. Yesterday, he was so afraid that I'll mistrust him that he even said that he'll never fall in love with someone like you. You're like a mouse who has just crawled out of the trash bin. He's disgusted to be linked to someone like you. In fact, he even asked me to tell you to stop daydreaming. I bet the homeless people at the other end of the street would be more suitable for the likes of you," Sunny sneered. She knew that she would always win no matter what. In her eyes, Essie had always been more inferior than her in terms of both wealth and power.

Not far away, Zac could vaguely hear their conversation. He only had one thing in mind, and that was to give Sunny a good beating!

She better be grateful that he would never lay a hand on a woman, or she wouldn't even be standing still the moment he heard those words.

Essie's face paled immediately at her words. She was about to leave when Sunny stretched out her hand to stop her. She wasn't finished.

At the sight, Zac hurried over and placed an arm around Essie's shoulder. "Baby, shall we go now?"

"You're..." Sunny's jaw almost dropped

at the sight of the man. Although she had already seen him in the car, he looked even better up close. He had the face of a Greek God, and it was difficult to not stare at him this entire time.

"Won't you introduce me?" Zac asked as he placed his arm around Essie's shoulder.

"Zac is my boyfriend. He comes from Dragon City and his father is the chairman of a multinational group," Essie said slowly and clearly as if she was teaching a five-year-old. She tilted her head, as if daring Sunny to say a word against her now.

Sunny was so surprised that her eyeballs almost fell from their sockets. The man in front of her was elegant and regal. He had this indescribable dignity that held himself together, as if he was a king and they were the commoners.

It seemed that Essie didn't lie to her.

"You look pale. Who bullied you?" Zac asked lowly as he pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Whoever she is, I'll make sure to make her suffer." Although his voice was soft, Sunny could tell that it was an underlying threat.

Sunny backed up unconsciously as if he would suddenly blow her head off.

"It's just a cockroach–not worth our time at all. Let's go." Essie grabbed his arm and turned around.

Looking at their receding figures, Sunny had a strange look in her eyes. She took out a marriage invitation from her bag and quickly caught up to them. "Hanson asked me to give this to you. He wants the two of you to attend our party," she said bitterly. It wasn't true that Hanson had no feelings for Essie. If he'd see her with her boyfriend, then he might be tempted to love Sunny with all his heart.

Essie bit her lips. Without another word, she took the invitation. When Sunny was finally gone, she quickly pulled her arm from Zac's hold.

It seemed that their agreement was about to change.

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