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   Chapter 3 Let's Divorce

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Essie did not expect to win twelve times in a row.

"You're cheating!" The way Zac slurred made him sound drunk.

"What? You're the one throwing the dice. How can I be the one cheating? Just admit it, you didn't think I was going to win. Well, that's how gambling works!" Essie giggled. She had never had any luck in gambling all her life, as such, she didn't expect her luck to be so good today.

However, Zac wasn't convinced. "Fine! Again!" He was determined to make a comeback.

Essie's thick eyelashes flickered open. "Okay! This is the last one. The big one! I have already lost everything today! So why the hell not. Marriage isn't a big deal! I can get married whenever I want. How about this? If I win again, you will have to marry me!"


The only thought in Zac's mind was to win this game. Besides, he wasn't used to losing to anybody.

"Great! I like you!" Finishing her words, she pushed the cup closer to him. "It's your turn. I'm guessing it's a small number."

"I'll bet on big numbers!" Zac shook the cup before opening it.

One, two, three—small!

Essie could not help bursting into laughter as she was quite pleased with herself. Never before had she felt so satisfied in all her twenty-one years on this planet.

Zac, on the other hand, was at a loss. He had never been so displeased in all his twenty-six years on this planet.

It was time to honor the bet!

Zac grabbed her hand and said, "Let's get our IDs and then go to the Civil Affairs Bureau!"

Fast forward to the present day.

The bright sunshine fell on the floor through the mullioned window.

There was a complete silence in the room, apart from the sound of heavy and rapid breathing.

The two people stood in front of the window silently, staring at each other blankly. They could not remember how they got to to the Civil Affairs Bureau, how they registered their names, and how they even made it all the way to the bridal chamber. However, it was certain that the red booklets were real and legit.

In the eyes of the law, the

y were legally a couple.

Zac was considering how to end this absurd marriage. He had a lot of experience on how to reject a woman, but he had never divorced someone before.

However, he decided that no matter what condition Essie would propose, as long as it was not too far from the truth, he would try his best to satisfy it. After all, from the looks of it, there was no use hiding the fact that they had slept together. And what's more…

The moment he looked at the blood on the sheet, Essie blushed and quickly ran to the bed to pull the blanket to cover it.

The reason why she hadn't slept with any man for so many years was that she wanted Hanson to be her first man. Now, she had lost both Hanson and her virginity.

Life could be so unpredictably cruel. She had fallen from heaven to hell in just one night.

"Well, let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and get a divorce now," Essie said, stifling all the pain in her heart.

There was no use crying over spilled milk. It was better to nip that little romance in the bud.

Zac was shocked as he didn't expect her to be so straightforward. There were no conditions, no requirements and no blackmails. He was starting to admire her!

"It's half past ten now. The Civil Affairs Bureau will be closed at twelve o'clock. There is only half an hour left! We have to take a taxi to get there on time. We can split the fare," Essie spoke in a straightforward way and a rare gentle light flashed across Zac's face.

They came out of the elevator and walked side by side. But it was not easy for Essie, as she felt a dull pain in her legs. Even though her recollection of the night was still unclear, Essie could imagine how aggressive Zac must have been in bed.

Zac sensed her pain and slowed down his pace.

Just as they arrived at the gate of the community, they saw Sunny Yang coming out from her BMW. Sunny was here to pick a bone with Essie. Since Hanson was there yesterday, she didn't have a chance to tear Essie apart. Today, she had come for some unfinished business.

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