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   Chapter 2 Confession Of Love On Fool's Day

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One day earlier.

It was the first day of April or as everyone would say April Fool's Day.

According to the netizens it was the best time for someone to declare their love because if they got rejected, they could just laugh and say—"Haha, I made a fool of you!"

At the very least, they could retreat in a splendid manner.

The same thought crossed Essie's mind. Finally, she had summoned all of her courage and walked up to her idol, Hanson Xia, on whom she had been crushing for many years. "Hey, I have been in love with you ever since we first met. I've got a good feeling that you and I are destined to be together. Although I am still not up there yet, one day I am going to become an icon in the fashion industry and become someone who is good enough to be with you. Would you please put me on your list of possible girlfriends?"

Before Essie finished speaking, she heard a mocking laughter coming from behind her. "How interesting! 'Destined to be together'! Is that what you tell yourself when you cry yourself to sleep at night? Are you really that pathetic?" The woman ridiculing Essie was her sworn enemy, Sunny Yang, who elegantly walked towards Hanson and held his arm without hesitation.

Was she marking her territory? The thought filled Essie with an unbearable sorrow.

Hanson, however, shook his arm, trying to draw it back, but eventually he allowed it. "Essie, I..." He didn't know what to say to her, but before he could even think of anything, Sunny cut him short. "We're getting married!"

The words came, out of the blue, and hit Essie like a bolt of lightning. She should have laughed three times and told them that she was just joking, but the muscles on her face were stiff and she couldn't bring herself to say anything. Her throat was blocked by a lump of sourness, taking away her ability to speak.

With a smug smile on her face, Sunny deliberately leaned her head on Hanson's shoulder to add salt to Essie's wounds. "Hanson, dad wants us to go back for dinner. Let's go!"

Hanson extended his hand and patted Essie on the head, as if to comfort her. "I'm sorry, Essie," he sighed heavily and then walked away with Sunny.


Again, Essie heard her heart shatter into a million pieces. She felt like everything in her world had frozen over and the cold winds were slamming her face like tiny little icy nails.

Perhaps the only thing that could mend her ailing heart at the moment was a good bottle of wine.

The True Color Bar was across the street, and she walked in without a conscious thought.

The bar was very quiet. As the onl

y customer, Essie sat at the bar counter and ordered a glass of long island ice tea, which was the most suitable cocktail for a lovelorn person.

Essie had overestimated her drinking prowess and as such, she was completely inebriated by her third drink.

Before long, another customer walked into the bar.

He was handsome and radiant, like the sun in the early spring and the bright moon in mid autumn, that lit up the whole dark bar in an instant.

The previously listless waiters immediately became energetic and rushed to ingratiate themselves. However, he didn't even glance at them. He was as cold as ice, which had been frozen for thousands of years and couldn't be affected by any sort of temperature whatsoever.

On any other day, Essie would have never spoken to a stranger. But today, she was so drunk and broken-hearted, that she picked up her glass and staggered towards the stranger.

"People who come to the bar in the daytime are either crossed in love or bored. Which one are you?" she said, staring him up with her drunken, hazy eyes.

Zac Rong ignored her and continued to drink on his own, as if he hadn't heard what she had said.

Essie, however, didn't mind his arrogance. She sat down on the stool next to him and said, "Well, I guess you are the latter. People who look like you can only make others fall in love with you. It must be nice. Look at me! I confessed my love to my prince, the man I had loved for five years. And guess what? He's marrying the woman I hate the most."

Essie eventually vented her grievances by finishing the rest of her cocktail. "I'm done feeling bad for now. Since we're the only ones here, let's have fun and drink together, shall we?"

Zac raised an eyebrow and glanced at her. Although the girl had a plain face, she had a great body, much like a diamond in the rough. Her two beautiful eyes, however, were limpid and pure like autumn water. Each time she raised an eyebrow to look up she looked even more charming. It was her eyes that made her unique, as they could make even a plain face like hers look beautiful.

Zac didn't know why he nodded his head. Was it because of some magic, or because he was moved by her tantalizing eyes.

Essie smiled again, revealing her white teeth. "Let's play dice! You have to guess the number and if you guess wrong then you'll have to drink shots."

How fun!

A disdainful smile appeared at the corners of Zac's mouth. He had nothing else to do anyway. Why not play a drinking game with another stranger in a bar!

Two hours later…

Zac was drunk beyond comprehension.

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