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   Chapter 26 Twenty five

The other one By Harmonicquill Characters: 7938

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"What happened?" McCoy asked when I was finally calm.

I couldn't tell him about Lilith or what just transpired. It was secretive of me but I was actually keeping Lilith as my last card of anything went awry.

"I just had—a nightmare."

"In the kitchen?"


He still didn't believe me but he didn't question me further.

He might have been done with his questioning but I had questions of my own.

He shouldn't be home right now.

You're home early, Did you lie?"

"No." He retorted, " You called out to me."

He was talking about the bond. I wasn't an expert on the mating bond since I didn't attend the Radiance court but I knew the basics. He was definitely not lying about me being his mate, it felt sad I had to pick that off my list.

"How those the bond feel?" I asked.

It was one way to get my head off, Lilith.

"I don't know but it kind of feels like a mother-Child bond."

Well, that wasn't creepy at all.

"And I felt your fear, Valerie. If anything happened, I want you to tell me."

"First of all wolf, I wasn't afraid and I told you it was just a nightmare."

He pulled me closer, "I don't believe you!"

I didn't need him to believe me but what was the need to get all snuggly with me.

"Space." I pushed him back with one finger and he didn't resist.

"I don't care of you don't believe me. Why wouldn't you anyway?"

"Because you were afraid. You were literally calling out to me for help."

Was the bond that strong? At least he can't read minds.

"Well...I had a nightmare so maybe I was doing all that subconsciously."

He still wasn't buying it, "What was the nightmare about? Me dying?"

I couldn't even laugh or wince at his small joke. I was too preoccupied with the next lie I was going to tell.

"McCoy, I don't know why you're trying g to get all close and personal with me, I can handle what's going on in my life alone but if you must know what my nightmare was about, it was about losing Kristy."

I gave him a forced smile afterward.

I walked to the living room to get my phone which was lying on the sofa.

McCoy came over and told me he wanted to talk.

I consented and he sat to talk.

"I didn't mean to be all possessive Val, but I was just worried."

" I understand."

I sighted my phone in a power outlet charging and got up to get it.

Turning it on, I was instantly

r, I wasn't that tired."

"Can I make you coffee?"

" I would definitely need that." I sent him a grin and returned to the serial.

McCoy turned on the coffee maker and came to join me in the living room.

He was so close to me that I could feel his breathing when he sat next to me, it made me stop breathing, I suddenly felt so self-conscious.

It was so unlike me. If I wasn't sane, we would probably be doing something dirty now.

"Crime and lollipops, My brother's favorite."

I didn't know he had a brother but I didn't ask.

He continued talking, "Wait till you reach where..."

"Spoiler alert!" I instantly screamed and punched him jokingly.

We both burst into a laugh but McCoy suddenly straightened his face and got up.

"Did you hear that?" He quizzed.

I examined the surrounding but see nothing strange so I replied, "No. What did you hear?"

He walked dramatically to the window and inspected outside.

"I could have sworn I heard..." He said.

"Heard what?"

Lilith came to my mind and my heart began to race madly.

McCoy then turned to me, "Val, your heart is beating like crazy, Are you ok?"

Unexpectedly, a sword slashed through the window glass and into McCoy.

He drew a sharp breath before falling to the ground cold.

"McCoy!" I raced to him to see how he was faring. Luckily, he was still alive.

An ax went hard on the door and in two swift hits, it had a space big enough for a human to walk through with ease.

They came in two in number. I identified the runes tattooed to their pale white skin.


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