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   Chapter 22 Twenty one

The other one By Harmonicquill Characters: 7806

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"The queen seeks my presence?"

I turned to Frank wanting him dead for for me into this.

What was I to do now?

Frank moved closer to me, "Just keep up with what you've said here and there would be no problem."

It was easy for him to say. He wasn't the one chosen to meet up with the highest power in the unselie realm.

"The limo will be here shortly." Tresk informed, "Frank take her outside."

Frank dis as he was commanded and I kept on praying the queen changed her mind. This was definitely a good time to call my father.

Sure he would lash at me for disobeying him and getting into trouble but he had to have something that could help me.

"Hello father." I acknowledged when he picked up.

"So you decided to put on your phone. Are you in trouble?"

No need to lie. I had to come clean.

"The queen seeks my presence."


"I don't know but it seems to be about Kroni. He keeps appearing to me."

"And you never told me! Valerie, whatever—you—do, Don't tell her your name." Father sternly warned.

I think it was late though.

"But she knows me. Tresk also informed her about me." I revealed.

I heard my father kick something and swear.

"I'm coming." He finally said then he cut line.

What was that about?—i mean, I've seen a lot of strange things about my father but this was different. He was sincerely(Save my stomach lord) afraid for me.

Was the queen a bad person?

A black limo pulled up in front of the court and the cheffeur led me in.

Frank wanted to join but the man stopped him, "The queen only asked for her presence."

Frank understood and stepped back. I got into tye back of the spacious car which had a TV and snacks inside. I was far too uncomfortable to even observe my first rich ride.

Frank knocked on the windshield where I was and I turned in his direction.

He spoke some words which even though I could not hear meant, Be brave.

I swallowed the knot in my throat and gave him a smile before the driver started the car.

Now alone, since the driver was focused on where he was going, I had the time to watch TV. It was news about Kristy's disappearance so I deciphered it was the Faerychannel.

I switched off the TV after hearing them say likes about her disappearance.

The queen had to know about this, I muttered to myself.

The cho

ou telling me this?" Yes, it was a surprise that she was spewing her family history that wasn't even in the books out to me, it made me wonder if she had a reason for doing so.

"Well aren't you curious to know why he has been appearing to you?"

It still didn't make sense.

"Because he has my sister?"

"No because.." she paused before saying,. Your father is here."

The doors spring open and my father rushed in being restrained by around men.

"Leave him be." The Queen ordered and the men left my father.

"Don't tell her anything." My father spat immediately the men restraining him let go. "Let's go Valerie!" He walked towards me in a rushed manner, more like he was in evil stepmother territory.

More secrets.

"What shouldn't she tell me?" I demanded.

"You don't think she deserves to know. Do you think it's until she makes the mistake of going after Kroni for her sister." The Queen stated getting up and facing my father.

Lord! Was she tall. My father looked like a simple dwarf in her presence.

"With all due respect your majesty, Valerie can make her own judgement, You've already taken my wife, what else does your family want?"

"No!" I smacked his hands off.

I needed to know what Kroni had to do with me and saving my sister.

"I want to know your majesty."

"Don't hate me Bernard but she herself wants to know." She's said to Father calling him by his name then she turned to me, Her eyes sparkling gold, "Kroni is your father."

Then I did the most funny thing, In fact it was absurd, I laughed.

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