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   Chapter 19 Eighteen

The other one By Harmonicquill Characters: 7388

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I was still In awe. My mother might have been part of whatever sect Elle was.

Could it be a mantle they had to take?

I turned to Mrs Stag who hadn't noticed my change of mood.

I had to play this smart. I didn't want Frank's father deep on my neck. He already hated me as of now. If I threw the question i was dying to know at Gina, he would surely throw me out.

Yet, of all i could discover, my mum! It was just too much to comprehend.

"My mum did tell me she had a lot of friends, I didn't expect it to be you. It's indeed a small world."

Mrs Stag gave a cherry smile and I took it as a go.

"Elite sisters, was that what your girl group was called?"

"Yes." We swore it would be like that forever. So our children would take our place. It's like tradition."

I didn't expect it to be that easy but there it was, Frank's mother was spilling all i needed to know without too much nudging.

"I guess I should apologize to Elle. I thought because she was in my sister's fraternity. She might have something to do with Kristy's disappearance."

My trick worked well and Elle pale face lit up, "Really?"

She still had doubts but I was going to clear mine first.

"So how was my mom like?" I asked Frank's mom.

"She was the bravest person I ever knew." She answered.

That wasn't why I was asking, I was just playing a game with them.

Frank saw my questions were getting a bit suspicious and called me over.

"Valerie, can I see you for a sec?"


He dragged me out of the sitting room up the stairs until he was sure his parents or Elle couldn't hear us.

"What is going on now? Don't tell me you think your mother had my mum might have in on this."

At least he got me.

"Of course I do. Don't you see the connection?" I said.

Frank placed his hands to his head in annoyance.

"How does your mind work Valerie? So you weren't sincere apologizing to Elle?"

"I was. Kinda. You see, i still have my doubts about Elle. On the first day I was here she mentioned Kroni while on phone."

"But you know where she is."

"That doesn't mean I don't want to know how she got to where she was."

"I'm begging you Valerie, Don't mention this to my sister?"

d to Lucia to show Elle, "are eyes, apparently Kroni is watching us right now. So spill Elle!"

"I don't know anything."

She could keep on denying the truth all she wanted but I had gathered enough proof against her.

"Then what were you saying about Kroni when I first visited."

She was speechless.

Now I got you.

"Yes Elle, I heard everything."

Frank?" Elle called out her brother, "Do you believe her- over me?"

I knew that card was handy.

Hopeless sad girl, why wouldn't he fall for that.

Frank first locked the kitchen door knowing fully well that his parents would soon get worried and come to see what was going on.

"Valerie, you have to stop." Frank begged me.

I really wanted to, but seeing Elle feign innocence was burning me inside.

"Can you teleport?" I queried.

The stags looked puzzled before Elle replied, "No."

What I was about to do next was crazy but I was losing it. I wanted to prove that she was nothing but a lying bitch.

"She's telling the truth. Elle can't do that. I know everything about her." Frank supported her.

My eyes scanned the kitchen for an object of choice and on the sink was a dirty kitchen knife.

You would do just fine.

I knew I was right but yet what I was doing was insane.

If I was wrong, well—the obvious would happen.

"Well...there is only one way to find out."

And with every bit of faith left, I threw the knife and it darted right at Elle, aimed for her abdomen.

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