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   Chapter 18 Seventeen

The other one By Harmonicquill Characters: 8413

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Frank twisted his face seeing me.

God, Have I made a mistake?

"And who must be Valerie." The matured lady walked towards me, scanning me from head to toe.

"You are quite the replica of your sister." She commented.

I took my time to scan her myself.

She wore her hair in a braided ponytail. She was dressed in a blue suit, blazer and wow—The trousers were to die for. She finished the corporate wear with black heels, medium size though. On her fingers were rings, seals given to her by the Queen, I knew this because my mother had two of those. Frank's mom however had four, two on the right and the other two on the left.

She was really blinging out. Her face looking like a painting and her lips red and plump.

She was beautiful in the conventional sense. I could see where Elle got the gene from.

"So you must know me or has Frank never mentioned me to you."

She turned to her son, giving him a glare.

"He hasn't." I confirmed, gaining control of my tongue at last.

"Well...I'm Frank's mom but you can call me Gina, Gina Stag."

I hadn't been so close to Frank enough to know his family name. Well now I did.

"So why are you here?" The glad woman quizzed.

"I—came to see Frank."

"What's with the box?" She queried further.

Now it was pissing me off.

"Just cake." I replied, keeping a smile.

"How delightful, we'll eat it for dessert. You are joining us for breakfast, right?"

"No." I refused, "I've had something heavy this morning."

"Are you sure?" She asked again.

"She said she is!" Both Frank and his Father said in unison.

I turned in their direction and I could see him frown at me. He was still angry. His father seemed to share that anger but then i realized he might not like me at all, just like Elle resented my presence.

"Why are you here? Do you need something Valerie?" His voice was hoarse and it made me feel guilty.

I did want something from him but if I made it on own now. He'd see me as nothing but a manipulative bitch.

Why I'm even worried about what he thinks?

It not that I liked him or anything. Yes. I was just doing this to make sure he would not refuse me. To gain his trust.

'And doesn't make you manipulative?' my conscience dragged me down the hard road of truth.

It did but I was going to do it anyway.

"I wanted to apologize for being rude to you yesterday. I was just filled emotions and it got the better of me."

"So you had to ruin out daughters future out of rage." Frank's father spewed out.

ed, "and especially with you here. He despises you for almost ruining Elle."

What! Ruin Elle? I...

There was no time to get more on what 'ruin Elle' meant as Gina returned with a square brown book. The photo-book.

She joined me on the sofa and placed the somewhat heavy book on my laps and turned it open.

She was right. Immediately i set eyes on her old school photos, i felt better.

It must have been fun for her being an to hang out with others in a school she belonged. Although it relaxed me, it brought some of my terrible childhood memories back. I remembered my first day in a human school while my sister was in the court of radiance to further develop her powers. I didn't know what then why we couldn't be treated equally but now I knew. It was because of my mother's stupid decision to keep me alive.

I tried to shut the strong emotions so I wouldn't cry.

I focused on the pictures just to get my head out of the misery of my childhood.

"Oh this was me and my friends during the last year at the court." Mrs Stag pointed a picture of five youngsters including her younger self.

I looked at the smiling faces and then choked when I saw my mother.

The picture was black and white and she was younger there but I knew it was her.

"This is my mom." I revealed, almost bursting into tears.

I couldn't just believe it.

"Wow! What a small world." Gina commented.

My secondary sense activated when I saw something written the picture black ink, Elite sisters

It made me take a second look at the picture. I drowned when I saw them wearing a pair of black round earrings, it looked a lot like pearls.

I guess it runs the family.

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