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   Chapter 17 Sixteen

The other one By Harmonicquill Characters: 7521

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"I can't go to him right now."

"Why? Did you and pretty boy have a fight?"

I went silent.

I remembered our fight but I really needed him now. Even I i doubted he'd forgive me that easily, i had to try.

"Wow. You think deep. What are you all worked up about? Breaking Into his house, cause I can help you if that's what you intend on doing." McCoy Put in.

I gave him a frustrated groan. That would make it all worse. I needed to be on his good side.

Weird! It feels like I'm just using him.

Who was I kidding? I felt like I was using them both and I hated the feeling.

"Do you have flour, eggs, sugar and milk?"

"Wow!" McCoy sniffled, "You need that for?"

"A cake." I simply answered, taking the soda from him.

He used it as a distraction each time our eyes met.

The moment i did that, I hated myself.

Our eyes crossed paths and i felt dread.

The night before made me unsettling and I believed he would try it again.

"What do you need a cake for?" He quizzed further.

"To apologize to Frank." I answered, focusing on the soda on the table just to avoid his glare.

A hand suddenly carressed my chin, raising it high, McCoy face was so close to mine that I could feel him breathing.

"You never gave me an apology cake."

What kind of man are you?

"I'm going to be frank with you Mr Tinders, you are the strangest person I've met."

"Is that so?", McCoy grinned, his posture a tyrannical one.

"We weren't close, one. You are a stalker, a pompous man who thinks he can gets what he wants to trying. It must be because you were born in place of power."

"And you weren't." He teased.

I ignored him and went back to what I needed, "So do you have them?"

"The ingredients?" He played dumb." I should but since we are roasting, I have something to say about you."

What would you have against me alpha?

I was the typical good girl who cared about everyone so you really wanted to hear what he had against me.

"What do you have to say?"

"You are the most egocentric individual I've ever met in my life. You believe kind of that everyone is wrong but you're not. You are a narcissistic personality, you use people and we'll. Like me and pretty boy. You only come to us when you need h

nk he has a shot. Good job!


McCoy dropped me two houses away from Frank's so he wouldn't know who drove me.

The heavy box which held the cake felt heavier now that I was close to Frank's house. I had no idea what I was going to say.

"See ya later. Nazi queen." McCoy teased then zoomed off.

You can do it girl.

I chanted this till I got to the door.

I rang the door bell twice and waited impatiently before the door finally opened.

All the speech i had prepared went down the drain when I saw Elle instead.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't too girl that ruined my life."

I didn't need an angel to tell me what wrong I'd done her. I blanked on her.

"Can I see Frank? I need to talk to him."

"Well let me hear it first. It might be a tattletale about what I'm involved in.", Was her rude reply.

"Who's there Elle?!" I heard someone yell from the inside.

It was Frank.

Now was chance.

Not wasting time, I pushed my way in. It was a struggle but I was slick and slim enough to go through.

"Frank!" I yelled when I was finally in.

Frank was there alright but with two adults. A bald man in his early forties and a woman with long rich green hair that reached her her butt.

This had to be his parents.

I was so not ready for it.

What would i even say?

The older woman turned to my direction then said, "You must be Valerie."

She knew me. Who wouldn't? The Royal families already knew about my family's case.

Breath Valerie! Breathe!

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