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   Chapter 15 Fourteen

The other one By Harmonicquill Characters: 7922

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Somebody help!" I yelled, praying Frank or even McCoy would come to my aid.

The bleak sky turned ti a bright sunny day again and I turned to where what I feared once stood, a cut-down tree stood in its place.

Had I just imagined that?

Frank arrived a few moments later.

"Are you ok?" He asked, his brow, arched with worry.

"I think so."

"I heard you crying. Are you sure?"

He heard me crying and that meant I might actually have been awake, it wasn't a dream. It felt so real.

"I saw Kristy."

The words landed like a bomb even for me. Frank looked like he was seeing his nemesis.

"Are you sure?" He inquired.

I wasn't so sure myself which was why I had to ascertain if I was right.

"Have you heard of Kroni?"

"The demon king?"

Of course, Frank would know him. I wasn't so keen on knowing much about the supernatural realm since it had nothing in it for me.

"Yes—I...saw him here. He was with Kristy."

Now Frank turned pale.

"That's impossible Kristy. You must still be traumatized from what happened between you and McCoy. Which reminds me, Why in the world would you go there alone?"

I was sick of him trying to get into my life. I invited him—I know but now it was getting sad.

"And why does it concern you so bad? Does everyone just look at me and see Kristy?"

Frank turned soft. His glare turned into concern.

"I was just worried."

"Stalking me like he would, " I muttered under my breath.

"Can we just go? Where is your bike?"

Sometimes I hated it when I spoke before thinking. It had always gotten me into trouble—Sometimes, it helped.

Truth was, my legs badly ached and hitching a ride home was the best for me.

We were walking down a trail when Frank said something, "What's in your hair?"

"What?" I retorted, running my hands on the purple-ish strands.

It felt wet, wet and sticky. I withdrew my hands and placed them in front of me. I gasped when I saw my hands were cherry red, it was like I had just sustained a cut in the palm.

I remembered the blood rain.

"Is that blood?" Frank grab my hands to examine them, "Did McCoy do this?" He seethed.

"It was Kroni. It wasn't a nightmare or a mirage! He was there! We have to go to the seer."

The rest of the journey was done running. We didn't stop until we reached Frank's bike.

He got in and started the engine. I got i

It was what they wanted to do from Adam. They wanted to end this and the quickest way was to condemn my sister as dead.

My father burst into tears. Yes! He was crying. I had never seen his eyes water not to talk of going on overload. I felt the urge too but I wasn't going to, not in front of them.

I had a speech was dying to give them even if they were walking out.

"My mother, Bella Swanson gave her life to war, our war. It took her life and nobody wept for us. We went and got over it." The waterworks were slowly creeping in and it made my voice crack. "My sister is gone now and you abandoned us just like before. I hope you all get what you deserve."

They all sent occasional glances but nothing serious, their conscience was just prickling them.

Frank came by, ever-smiling and helpful but the pain and anger I felt made me stare at him with disgust.

He was happy and I hated it.

It was so unlike me, there was just this fire that I felt burning through me, hell itself.

"Even if the court doesn't support you, I'll always be there for you."

That was the last straw.

"Oh! You come every time like the knight in shining armor and it's stupid. I don't need your help and if you want someone to help, Help Elle before she is taken by the same thing she sent my sister too!" All was blurted out in anger and in the heat of the moment.

In seconds, I had let it all out and I knew what I had just uttered.

Frank was beyond mortified, His eyes were glassy and I couldn't really his face but I was sure of one thing.

He was gone for good.

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