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   Chapter 14 Thirteen

The other one By Harmonicquill Characters: 6967

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What happens now?" I asked McCoy.

He seemed least concerned that someone just died in his shelter.

"We talk about my part of the deal."

The bastard just had to mention that.

"She died for the Queen's sake! What happens to the body."

McCoy bent down, fixating his gaze on my eyes.

"We bury her or just toss her somewhere for nature to take its course."

How heartless! Why was I even shocked. Wolves had been through a lot of pack to pack war and as an alpha. He must have seen a lot of killing and even done some himself.


"What happens to her body? We can't just cruelly leave her here to rot. She has family, the court is also in search of her."

"What would you do then? Show her body to her family. Tell them court's she threw her guts out because she spoke the forbidden. Let see how well that works for you."

McCoy was indeed a mystery. He could be the stalking bastard for a minute and a bossy one the next.

He was right though.

How would I explain myself?

The court would hold me responsible.

She had to be buried here.

"I'm so sorry, " I said, Paying my last respect to the dead before leaving McCoy to do what he wanted with the body.

He called one of his men close and gave them orders to dispose of the body.

I clutched on to the only clue I had that could get me somewhere in this mad chase.

Eyes. I muttered.

"So, now that you have a clue in your search, I was thinking I could get my reward."

Reward sounded a lot like something related to money.

"I don't have cash right now."

McCoy stared blankly at me for a second before laughing. His men join me to move my—naivety.

"You are quite the joker aren't you?" He managed to spew still showing his whites.

"Well since it's not money, Tell me what it is so I can gladly leave."

I noticed his hands going to places they shouldn't.

I turned my eyes from whatever he was doing to my body to his face.

"Stop!" I ordered.

If he wasn't going to comply. I was going to break his hands.

He didn't stop. It was like he didn't even hear what

iful isn't it princess?" The voice spoke.

I couldn't see who was speaking so I begged, "Who are you? St—op!" My lips quivered and I shook in fear.

The monster came out of the shadows.

The only way to describe the monster was a bipedal complete absence of light. It wasn't just blackness, it was nothing at all. He cast no shadow, made no noise and gave off no odor. It is the shape of a man but no face just an abysmal like void.

"What do you want?" I asked, whatever was in front of me.

If I got off here alive. This forest was a no go area.

"What do I want? I want freedom."

What did I have to do with this.

"Are you a demon?"

"Demon?" The unearthly voice snapped back, "I'm no demon. I'm a king."

What king?

"You've been asking for your sister, She's down here."

Immediately the shadow said that someone appeared next to me. I could feel her breathing.

My mirror, Kristy!

"Kristy!" I wrapped my hands on her but touched nothing but air.

I looked at where my sister was, Emptiness.

"Where is she?" I demanded, shocking even myself.

I knew not what I was facing but seeing Kristy was still alive gave me confidence.

"With me."

"What are you anyway?"

The shadow turned scary, Burning embers making its features more visible and a staff, gold and with a sharp edge appeared out of nowhere.

"I am Kroni, Lord of the underworld."

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