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   Chapter 13 Twelve

The other one By Harmonicquill Characters: 8385

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She freaking knew what happened to my sister or where she was.

A part of me just wanted to burst in and strangle her until she told me where to find Kristy but that would be unwise.

I had no idea what I was up against and it hurt more that I hadn't recorded her conversation of the phone.

I checked my pants which Elle made me ruin.

The pee wasn't much, No one would notice. I had to get the hell out of here.

My phone chimed but this time I was smart enough to put it in silent mode.

I checked who was calling.


He just wanted to know if I was alive. That was the only reason, he would ever call. The least I could do was text him.

Not now though, there was a beautiful problem right in front of me.

Should I tell Frank?

Certainly not. It could ruin the already grounded relationship they had and Frank just met me, he might not even trust me or...He had in on this and I was in the enemy house.

Not wasting any time, I raced down the stairs.

It was now or never.

I quickened my steps when I reached the stairs. Careful not to awaken Frank.

At last, my hate for heels came in handy.

The door creaked too loudly when I opened it or it was just my fear deranging me.

"Hey? Where you off this morning?" Sleepyhead asked.

Apparently, he had woken at the exact moment I planned to make my getaway.

Run Valerie! A voice in my head spat.

"I have to go an errand. My dad called and wants to see me."

"Well see you in the afternoon."

The afternoon it was. He didn't shoot darts at me or clock a button that see the house. I was good to go.

What to do now?

I couldn't trust Frank as of now. I had only myself and maybe McCoy.

It reminded me. I had to see McCoy.

Out of Frank's house, I called McCoy. I needed to know where I could find him.

" So I'm coming to you right now. So the bar or what?"

"No." His thick voice bellowed, "Take a taxi to Fayash memorial."

"What?" The forest?"

I couldn't believe my ears. I was going to the same forest my mother battled with demons and never returned.

"It's just a small price for information."

"Ok." I sighed.

The session ended and I sat at the sidewalk to think.

Did I really trust this were? He could be Working for the Elite whatever for all I knew.

I've done a lot of dumb things in the past but I'd be screwed if I didn't tell my Dad the latest development.

I sent a text with details of where I was going, why and my suspicion of Elle's involvement in my sister's di

lly needed her now but she could be lying.

I had to play smart.

"That isn't what Elle said."

Lucia gave a horrified stare.

"You're lying."

"Really? She told me you knew exactly what happened that night. Kroni." I said, trying to put the piece I couldn't figure out hoping she would fall for it and tell me what I needed to know.

"What? Elle lied. It wasn't me. I wanted out of the fraternity but they said he would take all he gave me. I didn't want..."

Lucia choked before she could spit out the last part. She began to cough so violently that I got worried.

"Breathe. Breathe." I tried to comfort her but she got worse.

She started to cough out a white foamy substance and blood.

Now it was frightening.

"Don't die on me, Lucia."

She began to shake convulsing and vomiting more blood. It got intense and her intestines sprawled out of her mouth.

"I'm going to die." She admitted, crying and trying to swallow her organ back.

"You're not."

Who was I kidding? She looked finished.

"You have to tell me something Lucia, " I yelled at the frail being in front of me.

Her organs outside was a disgusting sight to see indeed and it was going to cost me whatever was inside my stomach.

"I'll tel—yo—" she tried to say, chewing on her intestine.

She then slowly pointed to her earrings.

The black pearls.

"What about it?"

"Eyes." She replied.

I watched Lucia blink for the last time before her closed, never for the world to see again.

I fell to my face.

All I could mutter was a, I'm sorry.

But now I knew I wasn't dealing with something small. I was dealing with a force that could take a faes life.

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