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   Chapter 12 Eleven

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"Wow! Your earrings look beautiful. Where did you get them from?"

Elle seemed a bit suspicious of my motivation but not that much.

"A gift." She said, not wanting more of the conversation about her earrings.

I could see it in her expression, it like she knew I was bad news.

"So I heard about your sister, How you doing?" She said, changing the topic.

I wasn't letting go so easily.

"I'm trying to find her but you know she owned a pair of those earrings."

I saw Elle flush. It wasn't embarrassment or flattery, it was more like dread.

"What do you mean?"

Frank was already making signals to get me to stop.

"I mean, if you could just tell me more about those earrings, it would...Could help me."

"How would earrings help you?" She demanded, walking the couch at the side of the room.

"A certain girl...Amore! had that same earring and when I questioned her about things, she disappeared.".

I joined her on the couch, no space between us, just in case she was a jumper. At this kind of time, I could not let her slip past me.

"I got these earrings from a store or so."

My senses tingled, the white noise. She was definitely telling a lie.

"That's a lie!" I spat.

Elle turned to her brother, annoyed and frustrated, "Did you know about this?"

"No." He confirmed coming in between us to ease the tension. He turned to me and gave me the 'Not now' look.

"Well whatever your psycho doll wants to do, leave me out of this."

She got up and brushed roughly past me to take her leave.

I had to get my game together.

"I'm so sorry, " I muttered, brushing my black-pink hair backward.

"I don't know what came over me. I guess I'm just triggered by whatever reminds me of Kristy."

Good one Valerie.

Elle stopped in her tracks, now on the stairs. She turned back and gave the most reassuring smile.

"I understand...and I'm sorry for being so rude. I mean, that escalated quickly. I just didn't want to be pulled in the middle of a murder case. It would ruin our reputation."

Did I hear her right? Did she just say murder—Like Kristy could be dead? She sounded very sure. It was more like a slip-up and it fuelled my desire to know more about her.

"So Acquaintances?" I stretched forward my hand.

She took it, "Acquaintan


"Have you found her?"

"Yes. She's right here. She tried getting out of town but my men brought her in. She's refused to talk so I guess you should come over."

I was definitely coming.

"Thank you." I appreciate sending virtual kisses to the receiver out of sheer joy.

"Too bad you're both here. I wonder how prickly your lips would have felt on mine. Don't forget my end of the bargain."

He had to remind me again. He hadn't said what he wanted but I was a little eager to comply. He was going to be very useful after all.


I cut the line and tossed it on the chair, taking a deep sigh.

I was really pressed and wanted the toilet so bad.

Frank hadn't woken up and I saw no use to disturb him. I knew it was upstairs, I just had to find it.

I ventured upstairs, staggering a bit. I was still a bit sleepy but I could make it.

The first thing to get my attention was Elle whispering loudly to someone.

OMG! The moment of Truth.

"She's suspicious about the eyes of Kroni." I heard her say.

What the hell was the eye of Kroni?

I put the weird name in my head more for research and continued listening.

"What do you think will happen to Lucia? She seemed very determined to track down."

It was a shame I couldn't hear who was in the receiver but I still could make out what was being said.

I was getting somewhere, At least I was sure of that.

"You're right. If she makes a fuss then she'll join her sister."

It was chilling.

It made me pee right there.

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