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   Chapter 9 Eight

The other one By Harmonicquill Characters: 7329

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My head hurt when I opened them. I was face down and covered in dried blood. My blurred eyesight cleared and I got the stamina to rise up.

The room was in a mess. All the glassware left as smithereens. Dad was on the floor. A huge shard of glass embedded in his chest. I forgot the state the room was in and rushed to his side.


I put a finger to his nostrils and felt them turn moist.

He was still breathing.

I tore his shirt open to see how deep the glass went.

I took a sigh of relief when I discovered it wasn't near his heart but still it could still cause collateral damage. He wouldn't heal.

I needed help.

My mind raced on how quickly I could get help. It was either Frank came here as quickly as possible but then my mind went to the vampires.

My father groaned, spitting blood.

"Room 45."

I dashed out of the room and spiraled up the stairs to get to room 45.

My fist hits the wood a little louder than normal.

The door opened and an Asian girl showed up. Her hair a ponytail and her lips crimson red.

"Do you want to see Rose?"


The girl shut the door and a moment later it was opened again.


"Rose, I need your help—My father—a shard—" I mumbled incoherently.

"It's ok." Rose pacified, hugging me.

I took the little time I had left to release myself.

"I don't want him to die." I wailed.

"He won't, " Rose promised.

"Take me to him."

I quickly organized myself and led Rose to Kristy's apartment.


"How this happen?" Frank asked seeing my Father unconscious but now stable.

Rose had fed him some of her blood and he was slowly regenerating.

"I called you for that. Well...Lucia Amore showed up."

His expression conveyed it all.

"What! Did she do this?"

"No!—Yes! She was afraid."

"But that doesn't what she did right. You could have died! And—how did she manage telekinesis. It's not a gift we should be able to harness."

Frank was right. Nature was the gift we could harness.

Air, Earth, water, and fire. Powerful faes like the Tresk could harness spirit.

The only means a fae could use to protect him or herself was the use of Fireballs siphoned from natur

but I knew I wasn't wrong so that eas an empty threat.

"Thanks for the concern." I sarcastically responded, keeping my mane clean and puff.

Frank came rushing in soon earlier.

That was quick.

"I've put a call to their family." He said.

She was coming? This was far easier than I thought.

"But she won't be coming."

"Why?" The Tresk demanded, all at once.

"The Amore said their daughter disappeared.

I exchanged glances with Frank.

The words made sure of two things. My hunch was right, Lucia knew something.

The second was she was now on the run or had been taken to keep whatever secret there was buried.

"So we are at a dead-end for now." The trio acknowledged.

I refused to give in to such a pessimistic idea.

"Come tomorrow Miss Swanson."

They would do anything to dispose of me but I wasn't taking it.

"I'm staying here. I want to help with whatever search you are to carry out."

"No Miss Swanson. You are useless to us."

"But Kristy was not. She was a prized student of the court and would one day become a Godmother."

"We understand your plight and we..."

"No! You are not lying your best. I think you can find that girl in minutes. The technicals—"

"Please Miss Swanson! This is not a world pandemic. We'll do what we can." Miss 'i have a personal feud with you' said.

Their words stung big time but it made me realize something.

They never really gave a hoot.

And it made me snap!

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