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   Chapter 8 Seven

The other one By Harmonicquill Characters: 8011

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Do you believe him?" I asked Frank on the way out.

I refused to believe Kristy would just give out what mother left her as heirloom a day after.

"Well, I don't think he lied. Lucia Amore is also a prized student of the Radiant court."

That was a clue. Kristy was also a prized student and perhaps there was a connection.

"Frank, can you get me the names of the prized students?"

"Sure. It's late. We better get going." Frank commented.

I looked at the blanket covering the earth, a blue, purple swish with white dots that glistened.

It was dark but I had no need to go home. I was getting close to finding out what happened to Kristy.

"Maybe I'll bunk at your place."

He stopped walking and faced me, "That would be a terrible idea. My parents have a thing or two with bickering with random girls I bring home."

"So—you're a womanizer?"

I saw the hurt look his face conveyed and decide to keep my mouth shut.

"Thank you for—paying. I appreciate it and if there is any way I can make it up to you—"

"There is. Let me take you home."

That was going to be tough. McCoy was still around. His pack buddies had disappeared, maybe getting tired of waiting and left for home or the bar.

"Hey." McCoy acknowledged when he saw us coming. His eyes were pink—He had been sleeping.

"You waited for us? You should have left. We can handle ourselves."

McCoy giggled a little. Not the girly innocent giggle but the wicked one Disney villains were fond of having.

"I didn't want to leave you stranded. So—you ready?" He ignited his engine and put on his helmet waiting for me to hop in.

"Sorry Mr Tinders, I'll be going with my buddy here, " I answered and strapped on my helmet, jumping off Frank's bike and waited for him to start his bike and zoom off.

"Sure Valerie. No hard feelings."

Saying that he zoomed past us, Making my hair follow the path his bike went.

He turned back smiling—at me in such a perverted manner, it made me blush.

Frank waited for him to leave and when he was out of sight started the engine.


I got out of the bumpy ride, hungry and exhausted. I hadn't had a decent meal all day.

I thanked Frank for the ride and proceeded inside the penthouse.

Still tired and exhausted I proceeded upstairs to my room climbing the stairs felt like I was climbing Mount Everest. After an eternity later, I was welcomed by a

tting somewhere.

"Was Kristy part of the fraternity?" I inquired, boring laser into the window of her soul.

"Y—es." The girl answered, now very uncomfortable.

She should be. She was the prey.

"So what happens in this fraternity?"

"Nothing much." She responded, not giving too many details.

"I should go now." She suddenly mumbled, getting up as quickly as her feet could carry her and walking towards the door.

Imagine her surprise when she found out it was locked.

"Please, can you open the door." She said, panicking, trying the door repeatedly in hopes it would give way.

"We will. When you tell us what you have to do with Kristy's disappearance!"

"What do you mean?" Lucia yelled back.

"You took this!" I brought out the leather-bound book and waved it at her.

"She gave it to me." Lucia screeched, still holding her head like she was having the worst migraine.

"But it was here with her luggage. You drop it here! Where is Kristy?"

"I can't! They...Ahhh!"

"You can't what!" I retorted, walking to Lucia.

"Stop!" Lucia screeched, the room vibrating.

Her eyes turned Amber and the items in the room went flying.

Ceramics to the floor and one to my face.

I felt sick to the guts when I fell to the floor. My nose feeling numb and bleeding.

My sight blurred but I kept my eyes on Lucia who remained using telepathy to toss and break things in the room.

A Fae wasn't that powerful. My eyes closed and when I managed to force them open, she was gone.

Golden dust on the floor where she formerly stood.


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