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   Chapter 728 Buy The Medicinal Herbs (Part Two)

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"That's great! It has been a while since the last time I encounter a great buyer like you. Please follow me, madam." The shopkeeper clapped his hands and burst into laughter.

Glancing at Matthew, Harper then followed the shopkeeper into the backyard. The mansion consisted of a storefront with warehouses and living space in the back. After the shopkeeper brought them directly into the innermost part of the warehouse, he opened the door and said, "Feel free to look around and see if there's anything you want inside."

As Harper roamed around, she noticed that there were a lot of shelves with various kinds of boxes on them.

"Some of the medicinal materials can't be mixed together. Some are poisonous, and some are not, so we have to store them in separate specially made boxes. Otherwise, the medicinal materials will lose their effects. Each box has a label that states the function of the medicinal material inside it. You can choose the ones you like."

As Harper walked inside, Matthew simply stood at the door and waited. Harper carefully examined the medicinal herbs with the shopkeeper following her closely behind. Whenever Harper focused her attention on a specific box, the shopkeeper would tell her the name, price, and effect of the medicinal herb inside it right away.

Harper simply nodded her head without telling him whether she would buy them or not. Despite that, the shopkeeper seemed patient enough to tell her all he knew.

After a while, Harper finally finished scanning all the boxes and got a rough idea of all the materials they could offer. With that, the shopkeeper asked, "Madam, which medicinal herbs have you taken a fancy to?"

"I like all of them. Make a price," Harper said in a flat tone.

Left a bit dumbfounded, the shopkeeper asked, "Madam, do you mean you want to buy all of them?"

"Yes, I want all of them."

"All the herbs that we have here are precious. Meaning to say, they are all very expensive. If yo

my medicinal herbs will not be sold to anyone from the general's residence!"

"I'm not really from the general's residence. I'm only staying there for the time being." How could Harper give back the Rosefinch Fruits she just found? "Don't worry, sir. People in the general's residence won't make any trouble for you. They wouldn't dare to."

"No more of this nonsense. I won't sell my herbs to you!"

"It's not up to you!" Harper took out an official token and put it down on the table. When the shopkeeper saw this, his hand froze in the air as he tried to take back the Rosefinch Fruits. Looking at Harper in astonishment, it seemed as though he couldn't believe his eyes. Then, he looked at Matthew, and after a long while, he finally withdrew his hand in frustration.

"Fine, fine. I apologize for not recognizing you, Your Highness. Please take the Rosefinch Fruits with you."

"What about the medicinal herbs?"

"I'll ask my men to send the medicinal herbs to the general's residence. I hope your people can take them over themselves." As he took another glance at the token on the table, he helplessly sighed. Then, he exhorted Harper, "These herbs cannot be touched by the people from the general's residence."

"Don't worry, sir. My stuff won't be handed over to others. I'm leaving now."

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