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   Chapter 727 Buy The Medicinal Herbs (Part One)

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Although the Birch Pass was the natural border between the Bright Dynasty and the South Kingdom, it was quite noisy and bustling. And in spite of the relationship between the Bright Dynasty and the South Kingdom being tense at the moment, there were still many merchants going back and forth to the border of the two countries. They brought over the herbs from the South Kingdom to the Birch Pass for trading.

"It seems that we came out at the right time, just in time for the morning market." In the morning market of the Birch Pass, lots of items were being sold—medicinal materials, ores, some unique jade which could only be found in the South Kingdom, as well as some rare small articles. All kinds of people were busy looking around to find what they needed.

"Sir, would you be interested in purchasing a precious jade pendant? It's the pink warm jade only available in the South Kingdom and can't be found anywhere else. This jade pendant should be perfect for your wife. As you can see, the pink color looks very clear. And it will also be very useful to help her get back to health. Sir, I highly recommend that you purchase a jade pendant for your wife." The vendor stopped Matthew in his tracks and tried his best to convince him into buying the jade he had in his stall.

Taking a closer look at the jade in the hands of the vendor, Matthew was actually about to take it. However, Harper suddenly grabbed the jade and remarked, "This is not a warm jade, otherwise, I would've felt warm when I touched it. Apart from that, its pink color is not quite right. The warm jade of the South Kingdom looks pink because the geology of the place where they are produced is red. That's what gives the jade that slight tint of red, thus giving it the name pink warm jade. The jade you are selling is a fake one."

Hearing this, the vendor almost lost his composure. Yet, he quickly snatched the fake jade pendant from Harper's hand and took out another jade pendant. "Madam, you must be a well-educated person who knows a lot about jade. I'm actually talking about this piece of jade. It is a rea

t medicine?" the shopkeeper asked in surprise. "A special herb exclusive in the South Kingdom has been added, which is called snakeroot. It is used to get rid of the poison in the miasma. I can tell at a glance that you two just arrived at the Birch Pass. If you don't drink this specially made tea, you probably won't be able to resist the poison of the miasma."

"That's so thoughtful of you! Thank you," Harper said as she put down her tea bowl. "I wonder how many special medicinal materials from the South Kingdom you have in store here."

"Madam, are you looking for medicinal herbs?"

"Yes, I am. But I wonder if the medicinal herbs you have could get my attention," Harper slowly said, looking the shopkeeper straight in the eye. "I am looking for medicinal herbs from the South Kingdom with unique efficacy, ones that people cannot simply buy from the outside."

Pausing for a while, the shopkeeper asked, "What are you going to need them for, madam?"

"I'm a physician," Harper flatly replied. "Of course I buy medicinal herbs for the purpose of treating patients and saving people's lives. A great number of rare medicines from the South Kingdom have extraordinary effects, but it is very difficult to acquire them from the market. You just told me that you will give me whatever I want as long as I name it, right? If you can show them to me right now, I'll buy all of them."

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