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   Chapter 726 The Birch Pass (Part Two)

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"It's not a big deal. We used to dissect dead bodies with our teacher while eating our snacks back then," she retorted with a laugh.

"You learned from a teacher how to dissect a corpse?" Matthew thought about what she said again and again. He realized that the more he knew about Harper, the less he could understand her. He once thought that she was very fragile, but it turned out that her martial arts skills were exceptional. She had just been hiding that on purpose. And even more outstanding, she had inherited the bloodline of the Qin Clan, so she had very rare spiritual power.

Matthew pon

nced by the customs of the kingdom. The people in the Birch Pass are open-minded. Many women get out of their houses and do businesses here," Matthew promptly answered. He had also been to South Kingdom, but he didn't know what it was like after all these years.

With curiosity on her face, Harper asked, "Why don't we take a walk outside tomorrow?"

Matthew had the same idea. The only way that he could know what was going on in the Birch Pass was to go outside. And he could confirm if the city was successfully managed by Luther, the appointed commander in chief of the south domain's army.

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