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   Chapter 725 The Birch Pass (Part One)

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On the way to South Kingdom, the journey went smoothly for Matthew and everyone else. In fact, it was way beyond their expectations. When the envoys arrived at the station of the Birch Pass, Luther, who was responsible for guarding the south domain, personally led his soldiers to receive them.

"Your Highnesses, good day to you all. I'm Luther Lu." With thick and seemingly impenetrable armor, Luther looked like a mighty general. The innocent face that he once had was nowhere to be seen. After strenuous training, he gave people the impression of being steady and sophisticated.

Matthew lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked at Luther. The prince actually thought highly of the general. He got promoted to this position solely because of his military prowess and didn't keep close relationships with the courtiers.

"You, are Luther?" Actually, a lot of people were surprised when the late emperor chose Luther to take over the south domain's army. After all, he didn't attract much attention at the imperial court. If the late emperor hadn't suddenly promoted him as a commander in chief, only a few people would have known his name.

"That's right, Your Highness. I am Luther, the commander in chief of the south domain's army," Luther plainly answered in a tone that was neither humble nor rude. The army of the south domain had always been a headache for the imperial court. It was all because the place was located near South Kingdom where the people were very skilled at using poison. Additionally, the soldiers in the south domain were arrogant. It was impossible for them to passively obey an order from anyone who they regarded as incompetent and undignified.

"How many soldiers are in the garrison of the south domain?" Matthew asked slowly.

"Your Highness, in total, there are 200, 000 soldiers in the garrison. The troop of 100, 000 soldiers is directly under my command. The other 100, 000 are being led by General Xu and General Wei." More than what Matthew was asking for, Luther

s tastes good. Give a try."

Matthew always ate at a very quick pace, which was a habit that he picked up from the military camp. Although he had changed a lot since he got married, he was yet to get rid of that habit. Compared with Matthew's, Harper's pace of eating was very slow. When she finished eating about half of her meal, Matthew already put down his chopsticks and bowl.

"I've told you many times already. Don't eat so fast. It's not good for your digestion. Do you know the repercussions of not giving yourself enough time to digest your food?" Harper asked while she continued to eat.

"You'll have a stomachache?" Matthew tried to guess.

"It's not as simple as that!" Harper swallowed the food in her mouth before continuing, "If a person is killed and his death time cannot be recognized due to external reasons, another way is to open his stomach and see the contents. We will then calculate the time of his death based on the food digested in his stomach because once a person dies, his stomach would, of course, stop digesting. With that, we can roughly know the death time from the amount and state of food that is digested."

"You're eating," Matthew reminded her. He was at a loss while he looked at Harper. She was talking about cutting open a dead person's stomach while eating the food as if it was nothing.

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