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   Chapter 722 Changes In The South Domain (Part Two)

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Looking at how annoyed Harper was, Matthew felt helpless and said, "I just don't want to risk your safety."

"Do you really think there's a safe place anywhere in the world right now? If you go to the South Kingdom alone and leave me in the imperial capital by myself, do you think Francis wouldn't do anything to hurt me? I'm afraid that he will sneak back to the imperial capital and seek revenge on me as soon as you leave. It doesn't even have to be him. He could still have acquaintances here and could just ask them to do his dirty work for him. Or, don't you believe in your capabilities to protect me if I go with you?" Harper reasoned with him.

It was the first time for Matthew to see Harper

ure us there. If we don't take it, he will be greatly disappointed," Matthew impassively replied.

When he heard the name of his brother, complex emotions flashed through Lucas' eyes. He asked, "Uncle Matthew, are you going to kill Francis?"

"It depends on whether or not he's determined to dance with death. If he dares to create chaos within the army guarding the south domain and betray our Bright Dynasty by colluding with our enemies, I will never keep him alive," Matthew slowly said.

When Lucas heard that, his eyelids began to twitch. No matter what happened, Francis was a prince of the Bright Dynasty. So Lucas didn't want to believe that his brother could really betray his country.

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