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   Chapter 711 No One Shall Be Allowed To Leave (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6785

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"The imperial jade seal in your hands is a fake one, isn't it?" Francis asked in a cold tone as he peered at the imperial jade seal Lucas was holding in his hands.

Lucas then began tossing the imperial jade seal between his hands. "What do you think?" he flatly asked.

Francis screwed his eyes slightly. His intuition was telling him that something seemed quite amiss. Yet, as the arrow was on the bow and poised to strike, he didn't have the time to think too much about it. For as long as Lucas was dead and he himself became the new emperor, Matthew wouldn't be able to do anything to him.

"Lucas, are you aware that you have committed one more crime—forging the imperial jade seal?!" Francis accused him, waving his hand and gesturing for all of the guards to attack Lucas together. At that point, he believed that it wouldn't make a difference even if Lucas was still alive. By doing this, Lucas could be killed and his blood could be used to pay respect to the flag, because it would become a good omen for his enthronement.

The Regal Guards moved one after another and stood with the palace guards. The head as well as the deputy head of the palace guards respectively stood on one side of Francis, awaiting his orders.

Putting her hands against the tower wall, Harper leaned forward slightly, trying to take a good look at everything with such interest in her eyes. "I've heard before that a throne is always built on a pile of bones. But it is not until I see it with my own eyes today that I believe it's true. It could even be considered humiliating for one to take the throne without stepping on bones."

"As the saying goes, a general achieves renown over the dead bodies of ten thousand soldiers, let alone an emperor," Matthew said, pulling Harper into his arms. "I'm beginning to get bored just watching from here. What do you say we do something to take part in it too?"

"Feel free to make this farce end sooner," Harper replied, looking at the discomfited Francis. He had always appeared so gentl

as not until that point that Francis realized that maybe Lucas had made up his mind to ride on the coattails of Matthew since the day he became friendly with him. Even though the late emperor had been very afraid of the great power Matthew possessed, Lucas had never changed his stance.

"Thank you for your praise, Francis. I also admire you. Despite your poor health, you have stirred up quite a bit of trouble in the Bright Dynasty. If it weren't for your evil intention on Aunt Harper, it would probably still be unknown who the throne will go to," Lucas said with a smile. Truth be told, Harper was Matthew's taboo. Lucas had figured it out from the moment Harper became the hostess of Matthew's mansion. However, Francis never really understood it. That was the reason why he lost the game.

"Do you think you have won?" Francis sneered. "Uncle Matthew, whose life do you think is more important, mine or Harper's?"

"Your life is worthless!" Matthew stated in a cold and ruthless voice. In his eyes, Francis' life was as worthless as weeds!

Francis didn't get upset with his answer. Instead, he simply smiled and said, "Uncle Matthew, in that case, you can't kill me then. After all, no one other than me has the antidote to the poison in her body."

"Poison?" Matthew asked, squinting his eyes and turning his head to look at Harper.

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