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   Chapter 687 Where Was The Testamentary Edict (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-09-07 00:15

"Will she show it to the world?" Lucas asked. He was curious about what Harper would do with the imperial edict as she was someone who never acted according to common principles.

Ignoring his question, Matthew gave him a cold look and asked, "Do you want to go back to the imperial capital? Or are you planning to hide in the procession and go to the Great Jade Kingdom with us?"

"I'd like to hear your opinion first," Lucas replied. He didn't speak out his plan. Under the current situation, the best option for him was to listen to Matthew before deciding.

After a moment's silence, Matthew proposed, "I think you should go back to the imperial capital and cooperate with Harp. She may need your help."

Lucas always knew how much Matthew valued

ng her as your concubine?" Lucas asked curiously. It would be an interesting turn of events if Harper really did that. He even imagined what would happen in Matthew's mansion if he went back to the imperial capital now.

Matthew clearly discerned Lucas' look of schadenfreude. He then said in a flat tone, "I've thought of a new identity for you after you reach the imperial capital. How about becoming the girl in a brothel? The identity of a woman would be a perfect disguise for you. Francis would never go to places like that; neither would Jason. I think that is a perfect idea. What do you think?"

Hearing that, Lucas immediately wore a long face. He whined at once, "Please no, Uncle Matthew. Can I have a better identity than a whore? Please!"

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