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   Chapter 686 Where Was The Testamentary Edict (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Changdu Characters: 7275

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The number of guards in the bridal procession had reduced to one hundred, but they continued to head for the Great Jade Kingdom. However, there was an emotional dark cloud smothering the entire procession. There had been over five hundred guards in the procession before they kicked off their odyssey from the imperial capital.

But now there were just one hundred guards left, and they also lost Lucas. The guards who escorted Lucas' coffin back to the imperial capital had in fact risked their lives. Odds were that they would bear the bane of the royal family's anger, and everyone was worried that they wouldn't be spared this time.

Lilian was extremely depressed. She guessed Francis would be the one responsible for Lucas' death, but she didn't want to believe that. She found it hard to accept that Francis, who was always so gentle and neat, would turn so vicious to kill his own brother.

Matthew didn't know how to comfort people. His only experience prior was in comforting his wife. Moreover, he was in no mood to soothe others. He was still enraged, knowing about the attempt on Harper's life right after he left the imperial capital. However, she was lucky to escape unhurt.

"Your Highness." Barry called as he looked at Matthew. Matthew immediately understood what he meant. He implied that they should deal with the real Lucas. However, Matthew continued to head forward. Then, the procession stopped at an inn to stay for the night. Lilian was engulfed in sadness, so she didn't notice anything unusual.

When Lucas woke up, he immediately touched his body to check if he was wounded. He was relieved to confirm that he was safe and sound. Then he turned over and sat up, only to see that Matthew was sitting at a table not far away from him. Seeing that he was awake, Matthew said in an indifferent tone, "Finally, you are awake."

Lucas was still in a state of shock as he responded, "Uncle Matthew, I cannot believe I am alive. What happened there was so terrible."

"If I had arrived there a little later, you would already be dead. Oh no, I forgot, you are dead now," Matthew replied with a tease. "For your information, the guards have alread

ve any desire for the throne, not even in my dreams. All I want is to protect my wife at all costs. As for others, I have no interest."

"You love her so much," Lucas sighed with emotions. "I remember what Aunt Harper told me once, that you are the most important person for her in the world. And now, you just said that you will protect her at all costs. You guys are really a great couple. I envy you so much."

Matthew's eyes became much tenderer when he heard Lucas mentioning Harper. Lucas had always thought Matthew to be cold and cruel. He rarely saw him wear such a gentle face. He could not help but feel quite jealous. An old saying went that, "even heroes would fall for beauties", and that was true with Matthew. However, it also made Lucas upset, as he had no idea how it would feel like if he met someone who loved him so much.

"By the way, Uncle Matthew, you already knew about Francis' evil intentions. But why didn't you take Aunt Harper along with you? If you had taken her with you, you could have avoided the grief of being parted with her and could have kept her protected as well," Lucas asked, as he sprang to his feet and gave both the imperial edict and imperial jade seal to Matthew.

Matthew accepted the imperial edict. As for the imperial jade seal, he didn't take it. He said, "Keep the imperial jade seal with you. As for the imperial edict, I'll send it to Harp. She should know what should be done with it."

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