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   Chapter 563 Foxes Are Bad At Hiding Their Tails (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6038

Updated: 2020-07-23 00:04

"You must be kidding me." Marquis Scarlet was astonished.

Francis raised his head and said seriously, "Do I sound like I'm kidding?"

Marquis Scarlet took a deep breath and replied, "She's Matthew's wife."

"I know that. What about it?" Francis asked with perfect calmness.

"Pearce and Matthew have reached an agreement. Alexander has become Pearce's sworn son. Do you have any idea what it means?" Marquis Scarlet frowned slightly. It meant, obviously, that Harper and Matthew would be Francis' enemies once they found out that Francis had something to do with the plot against Alexander.

"So what?" Francis said in an icy voice. "Scarlet Devils took Felix's money, framed Alexander, lured Harper out of the imperial capital, and ambushed her. It's safe to say that none of this had anything to do with me."

Marquis Scarlet was confused, but after a moment of reflection, it seemed to be true. Although Francis owned the Scarlet Devils, they never needed his permission to make this deal. They had received 100, 000 taels of silver from Felix to frame Alexander and kill Harper, and indeed Francis was not directly involved in that transaction. Even if Harper ever learned that he owned the Scarlet Devils, she couldn't accuse him of anything.

"It is said that invalids are usually cunning. In my view, you are more cunning than you ought to be." Marquis Scarlet was somewhat vexed now. "How wonderful for you. Now you don't have to take any responsibility. Meanwhile, I'm being hunted down everywhere. In addition to Matthew's men, there is another force secretly investigating me."

"They must be the secret guards of the Chu Clan, who are under Harper's absolute control. You ought to take great care. If either of those two forces discovers your whereabouts, you will certainly die,"

o think Francis was behind it. But we had already left the imperial capital, it was illogical for them to mess with us. If they annoyed us, we could have rushed back to the imperial capital and crushed whatever plans they might have had. So I don't think Francis has anything to do with it."

"It's a pity that Marquis Scarlet escaped our grasp. If we ever catch him, we can surely make him talk." A cold gleam passed through Harper's eyes. She had many ways to loosen Marquis Scarlet's tongue, but that man was too cunning and escaped.

"Calm down. Foxes are bad at hiding their tails." Matthew gently patted Harper on the waist. "Remember, you must pay a visit to the Bu Clan."

"Yes. I will go visit the Bu Clan and then the Kong Clan. It's a pity that I was unable to attend Caroline's wedding. Now that I'm back, I have to see her." Harper's smile grew wider when she thought of Caroline. Now that Caroline and George were married, she wondered how her married life was.

"Felix will undoubtedly visit you tomorrow. It would be a good idea for you to visit the Bu Clan. Otherwise, you will be bothered," Matthew said softly. "His Majesty seems to want the Bu Clan to be bound with Francis."

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