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   Chapter 562 What If I Like Her

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"Murry." Felix contemplated the question long and carefully, and decided to visit Matthew after he returned. He didn't send any of his henchmen to frame Alexander, so he thought that Matthew couldn't find out that he also framed Alexander. To be safe, Felix felt it necessary to confirm his thought by himself.

Murry pushed the door in. "Your Highness, it's very late already. Why don't you turn back and get some rest?"

"Murry, Uncle Matthew will return tomorrow. You should go to the storehouse..." Felix paused. He thought he should give Harper a gift, but he felt so grumpy that the gambling house he had given Harper was snatching half of his business. Harper apparently cared only for money. He couldn't stand the idea of giving her another gambling house. The very thought of it made him feel ill.

"What gift do you think Aunt Harper would enjoy?" Felix wondered.

Murry scratched his head. He was a married man, but his wife was so gracious that any gift he gave her would delight her for a few days. Harper was another story. How could he know what Harper would like?

"Women like perfumes, cosmetics, silks, satins and velvets, don't they?" Murry suggested tentatively, "Your Highness, you acquired a pearl as big as man's fist a few days ago, right? All women like pearls."

Felix's eyes lit up and he said, "Go and bring me that pearl. I will send it to Aunt Harper tomorrow as my gift."

"Yes, Your Highness." Murry turned to walk out, but then he stopped and turned back awkwardly. "Your Highness, Her Highness said she liked it. She already took it away from the storehouse..."

Felix froze. He had almost forgotten about that. "That all right. I'll ask my wife for it myself. You may leave now."

As soon as Matthew and his wife arrived at the city gate, Owen left them quietly. As Francis' personal servant, he had taken a big risk to sneak out of the imperial capital. If he were found to be with Matthew, he could get in trouble.

"I'll go with you." Harper wanted to check Francis' condition straightaway.

A hint of pleasant surprise flashed through Owen's eyes, but then he looked at Matthew timidly. Constant fear of Matthew's displeasure had made a mark on him. It was relieving to see that the prince didn't seem displeased.

He just took a thick cloak and helped his wife put it on. Then, he helped her out of the carriage. Fred followed Harper to protect her.

After Matthew's procession entered the city, Owen, Harper and Fred avoided drawing attention to themselves and slowly entered the city, heading to Francis' mansion.

Smiling brightly, Owen glanced at Harper from time to time. "Lady Harper, His Highness must be very happy to see you."

Harper nodded, absent-minded. She was thinking about something else and barely heard Owen's words. She was trying to guess who had set Alexander up, Felix or Francis.

Fred raised his eyebrows and glanced at Owen,

would look after him, and he would always tease her to cheer her up. Their father was consoled to see his two children support each other.

Harper's eyes began to lose their focus. She was not really looking at Francis, but someone else. She had seldom given any thought about her previous life since she came to this world, but she had been thinking about her family of previous life more often in recent days.

"You must get better quickly, or..." Suddenly, Harper came to her senses and changed the topic. "I should go back to my mansion now. You should rest well."

"Let me walk you out."

"No, thanks. I came in through the back door. I don't need all that attention. You have already refused to see those officials. If they see you go out with me, you will surely be bothered by them. Anyway, you need to have a good rest, as I said. When you are fully recovered, you can come and go just as you please."

Francis didn't insist, so he told Owen to walk Harper out. He gazed after her silhouette as she disappeared.

"Wake up! She is gone." A mocking voice rang out abruptly.

Without turning his head, Francis asked, "Why did you come back now?"

"The power of the River City was crushed by Matthew. They found out that it was the Scarlet Devils who framed Alexander. Matthew slaughtered almost all the members of Scarlet Devils and we suffered great losses." Wearing an exquisite ferocious mask, Marquis Scarlet asked, "Is Harper the one who healed you from poison?"


"You like her?" he asked tentatively after a moment's hesitation.

Francis turned around, walked to a chair and sat down. "She's Matthew's wife, and they love each other very much."

"You didn't answer my question. Do you like her?" Marquis Scarlet asked stubbornly. He didn't know much about Harper, but Matthew's love for her was indeed out of the ordinary. If Francis liked Harper, he wouldn't just sit back.

"What if I like her?"

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