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   Chapter 559 Francis Seemed Weird (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 8438

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"Your Highness, I apologize but your humble servant doesn't understand."

"I think the emperor knows it very well. Anyone who becomes associated with the Bu Clan would eventually be loyal to him since the clan has supported him for years. This has been the Bu Clan's custom so they wouldn't just be able to survive but maintain their status in the society. They will never favor any prince and will always be loyal to the emperor. The only reason why the emperor would ask Francis to be associated with the Bu Clan on purpose is to intentionally fool others. The Bu Clan also knows this and Francis knows it too. I'm quite sure that the only one who is unaware is Felix," Matthew patiently explained with eyes as dark as the night.

Felix had lived in comfort all his life. Even though he had dealt with Hoffman, he was still too young to be taken out of his bubble. Guidance from the empress didn't help him as well. He only became more close-minded. On the contrary, Francis, who had not been valued in such high regard, had at least gained the support of Sherry and her family. Moreover, Francis was intelligent. If it were not for his poor health, the emperor would have made him the crown prince instead of giving the position to Felix for so long.

"Your Highness, should we investigate Prince Francis then?"

"No, that's not necessary for the time being," Matthew said while he shook his head. Francis had created a persona and fooled everyone for so many years. Even though he knew his life would be threatened if he stayed in the Imperial Palace, he could still live in there and reached twenty years of age. The man on the throne had never been a warm and kind person. Francis was very clever to live so closely with him.

However, now that Francis had revealed himself to be the one behind all of this, there was no need for Matthew to investigate him further. After all, it was only a matter of time until Francis would show his true colors. Matthew had thought that Harper would feel upset when she found out that Francis was actually cunning and manipulative. But she reacted so normally, as if she wasn't angry or troubled at all. It even seemed like she had already known it.

"Is everything all right in the mansion?" Matthew casually asked. Although he was almost sure that Francis wouldn't do something untoward, he was still worried that the man would lose control and do something irreparable.

"Everything is fine. Lady Gianna is doing great as well in Prince Allen's mansion. Except for the s

ad been obsessed with making various shapes out of sugar. But most of his works had been two human-shaped sculptures.

Looking at Francis who was concentrated on the sugar figurines, the secret guard felt that it was really weird. A weak handsome man was making such figurines. Most of the time, his eyes were so fixed on them and sometimes he would furrow his eyebrows. But perhaps, the weirdest thing was that he would sometimes smile while looking at them. For the past few days that the secret guard had been with Francis, he figured that instead of the belly, Francis was actually stabbed in the head by the assassin. The prince was acting so weird, as if he had injured his brain.

"Do you think this sugar figurine that I made is beautiful?" Francis asked the secret guard.

The latter looked at it carefully before saying, "Yes, it's beautiful."

"Does it look like a person?" Francis asked again. Although the secret guard couldn't see the face of the sculpture that clearly, he could tell that it was a woman.

"Yes," he briefly responded.

"Who does it look like?"

"It looks like a woman," the guard honestly said. He didn't know who it looked like except that it looked like a woman.

All of a sudden, the expression on Francis' face changed. He then ordered, "You can leave now."

"Yes, please excuse me."

Francis carefully put the sugar figurine aside and continued to make the next one. He had made countless sugar figurines by then, and his skills had gotten better and better. However, when he looked at the figurines he made, he was still unhappy with them. He hadn't seen that person for a long time but now, she was finally on her way back.

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