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   Chapter 558 Francis Seemed Weird (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7332

Updated: 2020-07-20 10:44

"Master, are we still going to the imperial capital?" Samuel's voice was heard. They were planning to go to the imperial capital in order to seek for medical assistance, but at that point, it seemed like it would be all in vain.

"Yes, why not? Somehow, I always feel that this trip will give us unexpected outcomes," Felton responded slowly.

With that, Samuel asked another question. "Master, is the medicine that young man gave us reliable?" In fact, he was a bit worried. On the way, they met a young man with teeth as white as snow and lips as red as cherries. The stranger gave them a bottle of medicine and a luxurious carriage without asking for anything in return. So Samuel felt that it was like a pie falling from the sky. For him, it was just too good to be true. How could a stranger be so generous and kind-hearted to people he didn't even know? That just didn't make any sense. From overthinking about the situation too much, Samuel was actually feeling a little dizzy.

"Don't worry about that. It's reliable. The medicine he gave us was actually better than the one I took before. Besides, I smelt a faint fragrance from his body. So I guess he must have been a physician for many years. But what I couldn't understand was how he could be with someone like that man? The physician looked to be talented and dignified so how could he stay..." All of a sudden, Felton fell silent while he was thinking out loud. He just couldn't imagine a situation where a man was dating another man. What was more, the other man was Matthew who had a beloved wife. Felton couldn't help but wonder how would the young physician face Matthew's wife. That would be quite awkward.

Matthew, on the other hand, was not wasting any second of each day. He and Harper were on their way back to the imperial capital at a very quick pace. They kept on marching until they arrived at the small town which was only thirty miles away from the imperial capital. It was only then that they finally slowed down. Harper didn't even argue with Matthew because she was too tired from riding the horse for such a long time. The travel had already exhausted all of her energy and at that point, she was already d

try to harm his beloved wife.

"Yes, Your Highness."

"By the way, how is the Bu Clan doing recently?" Matthew then asked.

"Lady Caroline got married already. The entire Bu Clan seems quite calm. But it seems like the emperor is interested in having Prince Francis associated with the Bu Clan," Barry replied in a strange tone. The Bu Clan had always been loyal to the emperor. But now, the emperor had been implying to associate Francis with the clan. It was obvious that the emperor favored Francis very much. However, since Felix had been the crown prince and had taken part in the court for many years, Barry personally did not think that Francis would be a match for Felix, even if the emperor were to support him with utmost dedication.

"Francis is really something, isn't he? Apparently, there's more to him than he let on," Matthew commented with a sneer. He had already noticed before that Francis was only pretending to be a weak and innocent man. Matthew thought that the man did it for two reasons. One, he wanted to win everyone's sympathy. And two, he wanted everyone to think that he wasn't a threat. He fooled everyone into thinking that he was naive about everything. In reality, Francis was well aware of all the things that mattered. Matthew wondered how many people in the kingdom were working for Francis. Even Matthew had not figured it out completely, not to mention Felix, who didn't seem like a formidable match for Francis.

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