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   Chapter 557 The Life And Death Of Others

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 11222

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The guard looked at the middle-aged man, and the latter felt that he had no time to waste, as his master was breathing more and more rapidly. He gritted his teeth and decided to make an attempt. "Please, sir."

Harper handed the dagger to one of the guards. "Take it, please. My lady gave it to me. If I lose it, her fury will be terrible."

"Please rest assured, sir."

Harper stepped forward and felt the young man's pulse. She found that his heart was beating irregularly, so she took out a needle bag and said, "Unbutton his clothes. I must give him an acupuncture treatment."

The middle-aged man saw the silver needle in Harper's hand and quickly undid his master's clothing. Harper promptly put the needle into the young man's body. His breathing soon improved, becoming smoother, but his face was still pale.

"How curious. It's not a heart condition, so why does he have symptoms of heart disease? Has he been poisoned?" Harper murmured to herself. The middle-aged man was surprised by her comment, but he said nothing.

"Sir, will my master be all right?"

"He is fine now. I estimate he has been like this for almost ten years," replied Harper, as she withdrew the needle.

"That's right. Do you have any cure for him, sir?" the middle-aged man asked hopefully. "My master has spent all year looking for physicians. We have inquired of many famous physicians, but they were unable to help him. So all these years he keeps taking medicine to alleviate his pain."

Without saying anything, Harper suddenly pinched the young man on his chin. The middle-aged man felt his master was offended and quickly slapped the back of her hand, which turned red in an instant.

Harper rubbed the back of her hand and asked him, "Why did you do that?"

"How dare you!" the servant reprimanded her. It seemed to him that Harper was trying to be flirtatious.

"Ahem." The patient coughed and looked at the middle-aged man in disapproval. "Samuel, he just wanted to confirm my condition. Sir, please forgive my servant's rudeness."

Harper massaged the back of her aching hand, and it felt as if this servant had almost broken her bone. But since his master had made such a good apology, she said, "It doesn't matter. It was my fault. I did it too abruptly."

"You should recuperate in a good environment. Why don't you stay at home to rest? How can you think of travelling now? Aren't you suffering?" Harper asked, feeling perplexed, as she extended her hand to the young man again. There was a strange bluish mark near his chin. This mark was concerning, so she had pinched his chin to check it just now, but she had been slapped.

"I am weary of my long suffering from this disease. All my family have been seeking a physician everywhere for me, and this time I also came out to search for one." A moment ago the young man seemed like an invalid, but now his voice had become full of strength.

Harper was bewildered by the man's condition and thus, felt his pulse again. Her face darkened as she found that the man had no indication of a pulse. She blinked in disbelief. When she checked his other hand, she still couldn't feel his pulse. Just a moment ago, she had felt his pulse clearly.

"Astonishing." Harper leaned closer to him in curiosity and extended her hand to the artery of his neck. His loyal servant Samuel wanted to slap

or and warm cushions on the stools and all kinds of necessities were in it. One could even sleep in it.

"Well, since your own carriage is useless, this carriage is yours now. We must go now."

"Thank you very much."

Harper grinned joyfully, feeling happy that she had finally given the flamboyant carriage to somebody else. Unexpectedly, Matthew reached out to take her by the waist, lift her onto his horse, put her in his arms, and wrapped her tightly in his cloak.

"Let's go."

Seeing Harper being wrapped up like that and led away, Felton Qin's subordinates looked at each other speechlessly. "Are those two handsome men gays?"

"I guess they must be gays, from the way they hugged each other so closely."

"Ahem. Don't gossip about anyone behind their backs." Felton Qin coughed.

"Yes, master." Samuel helped his master into the carriage, and drove it outside. The carriage moved along quickly, but Felton Qin didn't feel any jolts or bumps.

"Harrell Qin, Barry Jun..." He muttered these two names. The surname of Jun belonged to the royal family in the Bright Dynasty. Were these two people from the royal family? But the surname Qin had nothing to do with the imperial family. Who was that person?

Leaning against the wall of the carriage in silence, Felton Qin thought about the emperor's sons and brothers. The crown prince Felix had to be in the imperial capital city now and wouldn't leave the city except under compulsion. The second prince, Walden, on the other hand, didn't have that imposing manner. The man he just saw now was very imposing and had a malicious aura that made him feel very uncomfortable.

Felton Qin had met the third prince Jason several times. The sixth prince, Francis was bed-ridden and was surely still in the imperial capital. The seventh prince, Hoffman was disowned, and the eighth prince Lucas was of a different age. Thus, that person could only be one man.

'He is Prince Matthew, the emperor's brother.' Felton really couldn't imagine running into the prince at that time. Who was the man next to him? It was said that the prince loved his wife very much, but now he was flirting with another man. Felton Qin wondered if his wife would be heartbroken to learn this.

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