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   Chapter 555 Adventures On The Road (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7179

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The carriage ride home took a rather slow pace. So much so that there were several times Harper doubted whether the carriage had actually stopped or not. However, every time she opened the curtain to check, she found that they were still moving, and it was just that they were moving so slow that she couldn't feel any bumps on the road. It shouldn't be that far, and they could probably reach the imperial capital in six days. That day also happened to be the first day of the Lunar New Year. But Matthew kept on asking the carter to slow down, leaving them with no choice but to spend the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday on their way home.

Although Owen was so worried about Francis' condition, he didn't dare to complain. After all, Matthew and Harper had planned to celebrate the Lunar New Year in the River City. But because of his sudden arrival, they had to spend it on the road. For that reason, Owen would never dare to have any complaint, even when the couple went off somewhere else on their own for an entire day on the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday.

That being said, seven days had gone after the Lunar New Year. Yet, they were still just halfway to the imperial capital. At the rate that they were travelling, Owen couldn't help but wonder if they would still be able to get back to the imperial capital.

The pace at which they were going was much too slow for Harper as well. They could only cover about thirty miles per day. If they continued travelling like this, it was highly likely that they wouldn't arrive at the imperial capital until next year.

"Darling, when are we going to reach the imperial capital at this pace?" Harper asked with a smile. And she thought, 'What the hell is he up to?'

"You're still weak. I'm afraid that the long ride home won't be good for your health. If we go fast, the carriage would keep shaking, and you might not be able to stand it," Matthew carefully said, without taking his eyes off of the book he was reading in his hand. Taking a quick glance at it, Harper found that it was a book about Go.

"Since when were you interested in reading such a book?" As far a

really cared about, she seriously wanted to kick him out of the carriage. 'This man is getting wilder and wilder!" she thought. But in the end, she hated herself the most. Why did she have to draw those pictures to entice him? Wasn't she just setting herself up into a trap?!

Although she once told him that she wanted to have a baby, that was only to comfort him. Now, she ended up getting caught in her own trap. Every time she wanted to turn down his advances, he would put on a face like that of an abandoned little dog and ask whether she just wasn't interested in doing the deed with him. And every time, without fail, all she could do was raise her hands and give in.

This time, she just couldn't stand his eagerness anymore, so she got out of the carriage and asked to ride the horse instead. However, due to the cold winter breeze, he didn't allow her to do that.

"The carriage is moving at a snail's pace!" she yelled out, feeling both ashamed and angry at the same time.

"I can ask the guard to go faster," Matthew said, trying to convince her to come back inside. "If you're not satisfied with it..."

Without finishing his sentence, he pulled his clothes a little, revealing his well-built chest muscles. As a practitioner of the martial arts, the cold did not faze him. Even though Harper was wearing a thick layer of clothes, he only had two clothes on. "I don't really mind letting you take the lead."

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