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   Chapter 553 Go Back To The Imperial Capital (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6040

Updated: 2020-07-18 00:14

Looking at the beggar who appeared in front of her, Harper was stunned for a moment. The beggar looked at her expectantly. She then instinctively handed him two taels of silver.

"Take the money and go buy some food and a warm coat. The air is getting cold," she said. Then she shook her head, and was about to leave.

The beggar looked expressionlessly at the silver in his hand. Seeing that Harper was turning to go, he grabbed her clothes and said, "Lady Harper, please wait a minute."

Harper then realized that the beggar obviously knew her identity. Squinting to see if she could recognize him, she said, "You are..."

"Lady Harper, I'm Owen, the one who works for Prince Francis," the beggar replied at once as he tried to smooth his hair in haste, and revealed his face. Although his face was dirty, his features were recognizable.

Looking at the dirty face in front of her, Harper carefully thought of Owen's face, and then looked back at the young beggar in front of her. She was still uncertain. "Are you Owen?"

"Yes, yes! I'm Owen. Thank God you finally remember me! I'm the Owen who works for Prince Francis," Owen said eagerly. He was indescribably grateful to find Harper. However, before he could say another word, Harper tapped his forehead with her finger.

"Why did you come here? You should be taking good care of him. Don't you know that he needs you to take care of him?" she scolded.

"Lady Harper, misfortune has befallen him. I'm here to implore you for help," Owen cried.

Harper was disconcerted by this news. "What? What happened to him? Has the poison in his body intensified again? That's impossible. I remember clearly that I have given him enough medicine. How could the poison be suddenly intensifying?"

"No, that's not what happened. An assassin appea

n unreadable look on her face. "Was Francis still unconscious when you left the imperial capital?" she asked.

"Yes, the imperial physicians have been making a lot of efforts to cure him. I don't know how he is doing now, but I'm sure he will recover soon if you are willing to cure him," Owen exclaimed delightedly. In his eyes, Harper was like a goddess who could cure anyone. It seemed to him that there was nothing she couldn't do.

"If we rush back at this time, I'm afraid that Francis will have almost recovered from his wounds," Harper said joyfully. "His body is weak. Although I have treated him well with my medicine and needles, he hasn't completely recovered yet. He was also hurt badly by the assassin when he protected His Majesty, so he was in a coma from which it would properly take two or three days to awaken. It's about five or six days from the River City to the imperial capital, so I think he should be awake by now."

"Really?" Owen's eyes burst with ecstasy. He put no faith in other people's words, but believed Harper absolutely. He was sure that Francis would be all right now. But he still asked her awkwardly, "Then when will you come back to the imperial capital?"

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