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   Chapter 546 Into The Silk Business (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6199

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"I made you feel worried again," Matthew said with concern.

"We are a couple now. Of course, the hardships have to be endured together," Harper said, as she held Matthew's hands. "Don't forget what I have told you, 'No matter we are living, dead or separated, we always love each other.'"

"It's still in my mind, 'I want to hold your hand and grow old together with you, '" Matthew continued at once.

The next morning, Harper and Matthew took Alexander to Pearce's mansion.

Although Harper had told Pearce and his wife that receiving Alexander as their sworn son should be treated as a small matter and needn't be disclosed to the public, they still took the matter seriously. They specifically confirmed the auspicious occasion and opened the ancestral temple of their mansion. They even invited an elder of the Zhao Clan to witness the whole ceremony.

The steward of Pearce's mansion hurried in and reported, "They are coming! My Lord, My Lady, they are coming!" Elated, Pearce and wife looked at each other, and rushed out to see Matthew and his wife walking in with Alexander.

The boy gave the gifts he had prepared to Pearce and his wife and said respectfully, "Please accept the gifts. I have personally prepared them for you two."

"Thank you, Alexander. You are so considerate."

Seeing the arrival of the guests, the elder of the clan hastened to urge them, "It's almost the auspicious time. We need to take the boy to the ancestral temple first and worship the ancestors."

"All right." Pearce and his wife then took Alexander to the ancestral temple of their mansion. Today, the ancestral temple had been opened in order to pay respect to their ancestors before the big event. Even though the ceremony was not grand, it would still be necessary to keep Alexander's name on the ancestral temple. But before that, the ancesto

ering his wife couldn't be rid of that easily.

"Alexander, what do you think?"

With a glance at the eager face of Allie, Alexander nodded and said, "Harper, I wish to stay here along with my sworn parents, and have more contact with them. Can I?"

"Of course you can." Harper rubbed her brother's head with affection. "You are a man now. Take care of your sworn parents."

"I will. Don't worry, Harper."

Then Harper turned to Pearce and Allie, and said with a smile, "Then Alexander is going to bother you for a while."

"It's our pleasure!" Pearce replied at once.

"Okay. I think then it's time for us to leave now." Harper bid them goodbye.

"Please, stay for lunch before you leave," Allie proposed eagerly.

"Thank you so much for your invitation, but sorry. We have something to deal with urgently, so please excuse us from lunch." Harper then left with Matthew. She wanted to do research on the silk business in the River City. There were a lot of tea plantations in the region, and it was not advisable to do tea business here. But since the region was also good for mulberry plantations, she was inclined to do silk business. Her interest was not just limited to silk material, but also into silk clothes.

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