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   Chapter 545 Into The Silk Business (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6412

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"The Scarlet Devils is associated with somebody who is a member of the imperial court," Matthew said as he passed over a list to Harper, with records of the assassination dealings of the Scarlet Devils over the years. Most of the dealings were related to the assassinations of the officials in the court. Of course, some of the names on the list were unknown figures, and some others were pretty famous figures in the world of martial artists.

"That's a good way to plant one's own person," Harper said slowly as she looked at the list. "Eliminating some officials can make their positions vacant, and thus, one can plant his own people to replace the dead. Moreover, since some of them held less important positions, it didn't attract too much attention. Even though we knew that these people died mysteriously, the Scarlet Devils was careful not to leave any trace. They also made it look like an accident to cover up the truth."

Matthew's eyes lit up. It finally made sense to him why that person acted discreetly, leaving no trace at all. He used the Scarlet Devils to secretly kill the officials, and then he had his men arranged in the imperial court to take up those vacant positions. These positions were not important, and few people paid attention to them. However, at certain pivotal moments, these people could play a key role. Perhaps, if Matthew carried out an investigation on them based on this list, he could yield some unexpected harvest.

"I never thought of it that way. The man is indeed sophisticated and a hard nut to crack." Matthew sneered coldly. "If he were to fight against Felix, I doubt if the latter would survive. I'm curious about what is going to happen in the imperial capital."

"We'll know what will happen in the imperial capital as long as we stay here," Harper said as she put down her bowl and chopsticks. "Do you want to stay here?"

"Yes, let's stay. Since they don'

versation. "He had already asked me about some new ways to run businesses."

"Then why didn't you ask me about the businesses run by Rufus?" asked Matthew, without changing his face.

"No need," Harper said frankly. "What Rufus does is outside our mansion, but what I need to do is within our mansion. Even if I go out to make money, it is to support the life inside our mansion. So, I don't need to care about businesses outside our mansion. Moreover, it'd be a huge project and I don't want to worry about it."

Matthew then explained, "I have a lot of industries outside, but they are all private. I've been funneling the profits from those to support the Black Flag Army and offset its secret expenditure. I didn't want to tell you about it because if this secret is uncovered someday, I'm afraid that you too might get implicated in it."

"You don't have to worry about it. I don't care," Harper said calmly. "Matthew, I know that His Majesty has put you in a difficult position. For an outsider, you seem to be enjoying great glory and fortune, but I know that you are treading on thin ice and have to be careful with your every action. I also know how hard you have tried to protect our mansion, but it's not advisable to keep a defensive posture all the time."

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