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   Chapter 538 A Visit To Solace (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6547

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"Well, so when your teacher's son was down and in trouble, you didn't hesitate to hit him," Matthew said in a flat tone, but Hollis trembled with fear at his words.

"Your Highness, you are scaring me. I didn't hit him when he was down, nor do I have the nerve to do such a thing. As for this case, after the post-mortem examination of the corpse, Marquis Pearce pressurized me to bring justice to his son. I did everything according to what the law prescribes."

"Really?" Matthew sneered. "Are you trying to fool me thinking that I know nothing about the law?"

"Please forgive me, Your Highness! I never meant to offend you. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me!" Hollis could not help but curse his assistant in his heart, because it was the latter who had advised him to visit Matthew and get some information about the murderer. But now, it turned out that he came to dig his own grave.

"All right, I don't intend to call you to account for this. I will be going back to the imperial capital in a couple of days. You may leave now." After taking a cold glance at Hollis, Matthew stood up and walked upstairs as he saw Harper coming out of the room fresh after her bath.

"Your Highness, the murderer…?" Hollis tried to ask once again.

"It's the government's duty to arrest the murderer. What is it that you want? Do you want me to arrest the murderer for you?" Matthew asked, as he paused and turned around to cast a sinister look at Hollis.

Hollis felt so terrorized that his heart almost stopped pounding. He bid goodbye and left as soon as possible, fearing that he would be killed by Matthew then and there.

Harper saw Hollis moving out in a hurry. She asked Matthew silently with her eyes what was going on.

"It's nothing serious. He came in an attempt to sound out my opinion and get some information from me," Matthew explained with a smile. The fact that Hollis made his visit as soon as they arrived at the official inn was an in

ing his lunch. Though he was innocent, Alban's death was related to him anyway. He wanted to console Pearce and his wife Allie.

"What are you saying? We can't tell how they would react upon seeing you. They might even vent their anger on you physically. Aren't you afraid?" Harper stared at Alexander for a moment and asked back, without answering yes or no.

"Yes, I am," Alexander answered frankly. "But I am more afraid about my conscience. I know I didn't kill Alban, but if I would have put up with him without much arguments, maybe he wouldn't have died. I think I am obliged to apologize to his parents."

Harper stretched her hand to touch Alexander's head with affection. "Alexander, you've grown up. You know how to consider others."

"Marquis Pearce and his wife are good people," Alexander said with embarrassment. "Although Alban was a bully, he never did anything evil. He just liked to make fun of us occasionally. He shouldn't have died. Marquis Pearce and his wife would have been heartbroken as he was their only son. My apology is insignificant and can't change what happened, but I hope they would see my sincerity."

"Good! Don't be afraid. I will take you tomorrow to Marquis Pearce's mansion," Matthew praised him for his attitude and volunteered to go along with him.

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