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   Chapter 537 Alexander Is Set Free (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5682

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"My master's last name is Chu." Robert answered as he turned the carriage around and drove away.

The assistant pondered Robert's words carefully. Was the man in the carriage actually Princess Harper?

He had heard a lot about Matthew and knew that the prince spoiled his wife so much that he would give her whatever she asked, no matter what it was. If anyone offended her, he would torture those who infuriated her. Since Pearce had barged into the government office today, could it be possible that he had also been intimidated by Matthew?

Thinking of that, the assistant ran to the office at once. He must remind the mayor that compared with Pearce, Matthew was the one to whom he must pay greater honor and respect. If they offended Pearce, they would be kicked into the mud. Yet if they offended Matthew, they could only guess how much time they had left to live.

In the office, Hollis was still perplexed about the murder, and his assistant brought back more confusing news. He was irritated by it. "Don't exaggerate the situation here!"

"My Lord, I do not ring any undue alarms. Princess Harper went to the prison in person, and took Alexander Chu away. If she hadn't known we would release Alexander today, she wouldn't have got the news so soon." The assistant was rather anxious. "And Marquis Pearce also told us to find out the real murderer. We should prepare some lavish gifts, so that we may visit Prince Matthew on the pretense of comforting the wronged Alexander. Then we can ask him how to find the murderer. This way, Prince Matthew will feel your sincerity and you can also get some clues about the murderer. Isn't this a good idea that will satisfy both sides?"


tthew was curious to know which side the mayor would pick.

After the guard went out, a man was quickly brought in. When he saw Matthew, he quickly knelt down and kowtowed to him, saying, "Your Highness, greetings!"

"Get up. I heard you want to see me. What do you want? Snap to the point." Matthew's voice was as cold as ice.

Hollis swallowed and said, "Your Highness, I heard that you are staying at the official inn of our River City. As the mayor of our city, it's my duty to visit you. In addition, Mister Alexander was terribly wronged. I'm here to apologize."

Matthew glanced at Hollis and said, "I heard that you are one of the former Prime Minister Charles' students."

Hollis trembled slightly. Charles, the former prime minister, was Harper and Alexander's father. He felt uneasy to hear Matthew suddenly bring up such an old fact.

"Yes, Your Highness." Hollis didn't dare to deny it. The emperor had forced Charles to be a monk, and there was no longer a powerful and influential male official in the Chu Clan. Hollis couldn't afford to offend the powerful Pearce for an insignificant boy like Alexander.

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