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   Chapter 516 Let Him Sleep In The Study (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6191

Updated: 2020-06-30 00:02

Harper returned to the imperial capital safe and sound, which made the emperor so angry that his eyes turned red. What made it worse was that he even lost many secret guards. When he woke up in the morning, he saw the gory head of the dead leading guard lying quietly at his bedside. It scared him almost to death.

"Your Majesty, please drink a cup of ginseng tea to soothe yourself." Andy handed a cup of ginseng tea to the emperor. There had been many guards on duty outside the emperor's bedroom, but still someone had managed to come in and leave the head on his bed. If the intruder had aimed to kill the emperor, there was no doubt that he would not have awoken from his bed ever again.

All the guards on duty outside the emperor's bedroom last night paid for their failure of duty by having their heads chopped off. Even so, the emperor's fears lingered on. "Have you received any news?" he asked.

"Your Majesty, a message from the Holy Chant Temple reports to us that Lady Harper is safe and sound. However, Master Chodak, who was in her company, has been gravely injured. It seems that he saved her life," Andy said cautiously while observing the emperor's face to see his reaction.

"Well, I see." The emperor put down the teacup that he had been holding. He was lost in thought and his face changed color repeatedly. He decided that he would not make any more move against Harper. If he made one more attempt, perhaps next time his own head would be on the bedside. With these thoughts in mind, the emperor's eyes darkened. Even though he was the emperor, his power was threatened by a powerful prince who was supposed to be under his control. The situation was intolerable, and it infuriated him.

"Your Majesty, Her Majesty is here."

"Huh? What does she want?" the emperor asked unhappily. He was in no mood for visitors. All h

s fell silent. Back then, Matthew and Felix had shared a bitter hatred for Hoffman, fighting him as allies. Now that Hoffman had been defeated, Felix had no rival among his brothers. But a huge hidden danger came to him, and that was Matthew. She had racked her brain for ways to get rid of him, but to no avail. They needed to find a method against which Matthew could make no defense.

"What do you think of Harper, Matthew's wife?" the emperor asked, shifting the topic of conversation. He wanted to remind the empress that Harper could be a starting point.

The empress pondered for a long moment, and then answered, "She is very cunning too and never lets down her vigilance. What's more, she always has a maid by her side who knows martial arts."

The emperor already knew about the maid. His eyes lit up when an idea popped into his mind. In order to kill Harper, they first had to catch her maid. And they could not leave any evidence. Otherwise, when Matthew uncovered their plot, they would fail and he would be enraged.

The empress came up to the emperor and whispered into his ear. Hearing her words, he smiled knowingly and was delighted with the her idea. "I give you full powers to do this at your discretion."

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