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   Chapter 515 Misunderstanding

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Matthew had assumed Harper would be able to come back soon, but after a long wait, she still hadn't come back. So he went back to find out what was going on.

When he arrived, his face darkened over with anger at what he saw. He strode inside and shouted at her, "So you are playing Go!"

His lips were pursed in displeasure. Harper had said she would come back very soon, but she was now playing Go with Chodak. Matthew glared at her with reproach in his eyes.

"Chodak said he couldn't sleep as he had been lying in the bed for the whole day. He wanted to play Go," Harper answered, feeling a bit guilty. Matthew had finally cooled down. She didn't want to provoke him again.

After taking a look at the board for a moment, Matthew picked up a black stone and let it down onto the board hard. "You lose. Let's go!"

Before Harper could see clearly where Matthew had put the stone, he dragged her away. Seeing the game ruined, Chodak had a wild look in his eyes. Then he did something totally out of character. He grabbed a handful of stones and tossed them at Matthew.

Matthew stopped and looked back at Chodak with indignation. Chodak didn't want to raise the white flag. He said, "A gentleman should keep silent and not disrupt a Go game."

"I am not a gentleman. I am a nasty man," Matthew said with unconcern.

Chodak was at a loss for words at Matthew's remark.

Harper was speechless too.

"Shame on you!" Chodak's face turned pale from the offense. "Harper, you see, this man is of bad character and not a suitable match for you!"

Harper smiled awkwardly. No matter what kind of person Matthew was, they were already married. There was no point in regret.

"Don't you know this is my wife?" Matthew sneered. Chodak's face reddened with anger.

"Harper, this man is clearly a devil. You'd better leave him as soon as you can. Otherwise, you'll spend the rest of your life in misery!" Chodak huffed irritably. He was venting his anger on Matthew.

Harper made a reproachful face at Matthew. Chodak was an injured man and still in recovery, so he shouldn't have been provoked.

Matthew shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't give a damn. "Charles has almost recovered fully. Pack your things now. We will go home tomorrow morning. Monks are all dirty bastards nowadays. Look at him. He wants to destroy our marriage with his dirty mouth. Don't speak with him anymore, or he will lead you astray."

Chodak was burning with a rage. He was almost in a frenzy. How dare Matthew make such an accusation? It was Matthew who had led Harper astray, in his view. And he had the nerve to blame him instead!

"Chodak's wound needs to attend to every day."

"You can leave the medicine and its prescription behind. Just tell Sam to take care of him!" Matthew ordered, leaving no room for refusal. "Caroline's wedding day is drawing near. Don't you want to go and help her?"

Matthew fixed his eyes on Harper. He knew perfectly well where Harper's weakness lay. He would prefer to see her go to the Bu Clan mansion than stay here

a glance at him. Later on you returned, injured too."

Matthew was left speechless. He had been angry because the emperor tried to kill his wife, so he had gone to fight with the emperor's secret guards for revenge all by himself and got hurt. He didn't do that for the sake of Chodak.

"I was hurt for your sake!" Matthew's face darkened. He sometimes couldn't help but wonder if something was wrong with Harper. What made her imagine that he and Chodak were in love? It was totally absurd.

"By the way, why were you angry a few days ago?" Harper asked him, as a realization struck her. "I've been pondering about that day over and over, but I still can't figure out what I said or did wrong."

Hearing that, Matthew felt frustrated. He originally thought that since Harper said that she wanted to have a baby, she had known her mistake, but it turned out that she didn't know what went wrong at all. She just thought that he would be happy to have a baby.

"I was annoyed because of how well you treated Francis!"

Harper was taken completely aback. In her eyes, Francis was a patient, and only a patient, so of course she treated him well. Besides, he was seriously ill, so she had to keep up his spirits. Otherwise, he might give up the desire to live at any moment.

"In my eyes, he is just a patient, so I had to treat him very kindly."

"And how about Chodak?" Matthew couldn't forget that Harper had taken care of Chodak for a whole night.

"He saved my life!" Harper was infuriated. Did Matthew expect her to leave Chodak alone after he saved her life? Not to mention that Chodak's right arm was crippled because of her! Being a martial artist, this was hard for him to take, though he didn't blame her. "Chodak's right arm was crippled," she said in a low voice.

Hearing this, Matthew lapsed into a moody silence. He hadn't expected such a serious thing to happen. It seemed that Harper owed Chodak a favor, after all. Thinking of all this, Matthew frowned and said, "Don't worry. I will repay his favor."

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