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   Chapter 512 Chodak's Secret (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5571

Updated: 2020-06-28 00:02

After accepting some porridge, the monk shook his head. "No, it's not your fault."

"I knew there would be an attack when I left the mansion. But for my own safety, I invited you to go with me..."

"I had some business to deal with in the temple anyway, so I agreed to go along with you. It was just an accident." For emphasis, Chodak touched his right arm and added, "You don't have to feel guilty about this."

She could see the disappointment and worry lingering in Chodak's eyes and didn't know how to comfort him for what had happened. He had suffered an injury that he would never recover from, and yet he was the one comforting her.

"Well..." Flustered, she glanced down at the bowl in her hand. "You need to finish this porridge, before it cools down."

Chodak nodded, and there was a long silence between them as she helped him to finish his meal. When it was done, Harper said, "I'm going to stay at the temple for three days. I'll live next door to you so I can change your dressing."

"Thank you very much." Chodak's voice revealed no emotions, but Harper still sensed his unease, and her guilt threatened to choke her. The man was a master of the martial arts, and it was a marvel to see him wield a stick. But with his good arm disabled, his skill would no longer be anything like what it had once been.

"I will take responsibility for this," Harper said gravely.

"Take responsibility?" The man's look turned quizzical. "What are you going to do about it?"

"I'll do my best to heal your arm," she answered. "I have no way to make you fully recover now, but one day I will find a way to."

Chodak's eyes flickered briefly with disap

hat it was the royal family who had destroyed her mother's clan.

After hesitating for a long while, the man spoke up again. "Master, some news came from the Great Jade Kingdom."

"What is it about?" Chodak asked in a soft voice. He made a point to keep calm as much as possible, no matter what happened around him. He would only show some emotions in front of Matthew, but remained indifferent before others.

"The location of the missing Heavenly Book has been discovered. It is in the hands of the Bright Dynasty."

Chodak's eyelids twitched. At first he was astonished. But on a second thought, he realized that the book must have always been held by the Bright Dynasty. They had not acquired it recently; on the contrary, it was only that the information had just been leaked. A long time had passed with no one disclosing any news as to its location. The question of who could keep it hidden for so long was indeed an important one.

Although Chodak had a vague guess in his mind, he still asked, "Where is it, precisely?"

"In Prince Matthew's mansion."

It was just as Chodak had thought!

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