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   Chapter 511 Chodak's Secret (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6282

Updated: 2020-06-27 00:13

Harper kept watch beside Chodak's bed for the whole night, during which he woke up once to drink some warm water. When dawn finally came, she felt sure that he would be all right, so she asked a young monk to prepare some porridge for him and then left.

Outside the door she met Robert, who then led her to Charles' room. Even though Charles was also a monk now, he apparently enjoyed good treatment in the Holy Chant Temple. He had his own room, which saved him from having to share a crowded dormitory with the ordinary monks.

As Harper arrived, a young monk happened to be bringing medicine into Charles' room. Upon emerging, he bowed to her with respect and then left. She gingerly pushed the door open and her nostrils were very nearly overpowered by the scent of herbs. Charles, who lay quietly in bed, opened his eyes weakly and looked at the door. When he recognized the visitor as his daughter, his eyelids trembled slightly.

Without saying a word, Harper walked up to the bed and checked his pulse. She gritted her teeth ferociously. It seemed that the person behind the conspiracy wanted to kill her at any cost. He even poisoned Charles just to lure her out.

"Am I going to die?" Charles asked. His voice sounded thin and unlike him. In a way, he felt relieved by the apparent nearness of death. All the things that had happened in the past now seemed mercifully trivial and insignificant.

His daughter didn't respond. She sat at the nearby table and began to write out a prescription. Noting her silence, Charles smiled bitterly and said, "It seems that I have just a little time left. Tell me, how is Gigi these days? She has been very weak ever since she was born. But with you around, I think she'll be all right."

Harper remained silent. Her father's comment didn't move her much. When Gianna was born, he hadn't even wanted to hold her in his arms.

there in that bed. Now that he had confidence in his recovery, though, he had reason to worry that his daughter's reckless actions would get him in trouble. He felt confused at the sudden turn of events. An hour passed as indignation overcame him, until at last he cursed at the empty walls. "What an unfaithful, evil daughter!"

When Harper returned to Chodak's room, he was already awake and Sam was feeding him porridge. Upon seeing her enter, Sam quickly stood up and offered a salute. Harper took the bowl from him and sat down beside the bed. "How are you feeling now?"

"I feel as if I've just returned from the gate of hell." Chodak smiled pleasantly, speaking as though his ordeal was an entirely mundane occurrence.

"After your right arm recovers, it won't be as flexible as usual. It won't cause any major disruptions to your daily life, though." Saying this, Harper offered him some porridge.

But instead of opening his mouth, Chodak turned and gazed forlornly at his carefully-wrapped shoulder. "Is my arm crippled?"

Harper's eyes watered a little. "Not as badly as it could be, but it won't be able to withstand much force. You won't be able to use it to fight, or do any other taxing labor. I'm sorry. This is all my fault."

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