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   Chapter 510 Too Much Trouble

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Being a monk, Chodak did what he could to protect Harper from harm, but he didn't take the initiative to attack or kill anyone.

Without arrows being shot from the forest, it was a lot easier for Chodak. It could be inferred that Robert and Fred had already taken down the archers in the forest.

The guards brought by Harper were all dead. Fortunately, after a while, Robert and Fred returned and joined the battle. They soon gained the upper hand and wiped out the assassins.

After ensuring that they were safe, Harper released herself from Chodak's arms. He looked as calm as usual as he clenched his stick in his hand. "These people..."

"They probably wanted to kill me," Harper said and bowed to Chodak. "I'm grateful for your help. Otherwise, I'm afraid..."

"Watch out!" Fred warned aloud. Suddenly, Harper could feel death in the air and a murderous intent. Fred and Robert ran quickly to her in shock, but they were too far away from her.

Chodak stood face to face with Harper. If he pushed her away, he would be seriously injured by the arrow that was hurtling toward her, if not killed.

But at lightning speed, Chodak forced Harper to exchange positions with him. The rushing arrow hit him instead and she fell to the ground with him. She even heard the sound of broken bones.

Blood dripped down from Chodak's shoulder and onto Harper's face. She looked at him with a bitter smile. He muttered, "Ami..."

He had passed out before he could finish speaking.

Robert and Fred rushed to pick Chodak up. Harper was stunned, but she soon snapped back to reality. She hastened to check Chodak's injury. The arrow had pierced through his shoulder and broken his collarbone, and his blood was black.

"The arrow was tipped with poison!" Harper immediately took out an antidote and fed it to Chodak. Fortunately, when she had made the pills, she made them to be easy to digest, in case her patient would be unconscious and unable to swallow. If it weren't for that, she would have been helpless at that moment.

"Your Highness, Master Chodak is gravely injured."

"I know." Harper found that the size of the arrow stuck in Chodak's bone were about the same as a dart, but its force was more than ten times greater than that of the dart. That was how it was able to penetrate through his shoulder. If she had been hit by the arrow, it would have split her skull.

"What should we do next?"

"Robert, carry Chodak on your back. We need to go to the Holy Chant Temple and pull out the arrow from his shoulder. Then find out what the poison is!" Harper ordered.

"Yes, My Lady."

"Fred, make haste to the Holy Chant Temple! Hurry!"

Fred nodded in agreement, took Harper by the waist, and used his flying skills to head for the Holy Chant Temple. The temple should have been closed already. Harper knew that Chodak used to live at back of the mountain, so she told them to go straight to the bamboo forest.

But when they arrived at the

of the guards, he felt relieved that she had Chodak's protection. Otherwise he would have seen her cold body when he arrived.

"Matthew, I..."

Matthew turned around to calm himself down first. Then he walked away without looking back. Harper wanted to stop him from going away, but he had already disappeared.

Harper lowered her head to hide the pain in her eyes. Her husband was concerned about her, that was clear, but why should he treat her so coldly? Was he really so angry that he didn't want to look at her?

"My Lady, Lord Charles..." Robert reminded her.

"I must stay here tonight to make sure Chodak doesn't get a fever. I will see my father tomorrow. You go and see him first," Harper said.

"Yes, My Lady." Accordingly, Robert then went to the room where Charles lived.

Fred stood at the door with his sword in his hand and kept quiet. Seeing Matthew leave in a fit of rage, he knew he must be going out to seek revenge. He just hoped Matthew would be safe.

Harper didn't know what was on Fred's mind. She was terribly worried about Chodak's condition, and regretted dragging him into this mess. What was worse, she cursed herself for risking her own life and involving Chodak when she knew it was a trap.



"Are there any spare rooms here?" asked Harper gently.

"Yes. Would you like to rest?"

"Not me. Please take Fred to have a rest." Harper turned to look at Fred. "You must be tired. Sleep well tonight. I'll stay here to take care of Chodak."

Fred looked at Harper with mixed emotions. He wanted to say something, but ultimately just kept quiet. He was worried about Matthew's condition. That being so, he couldn't ask her to chase after Matthew. She probably wouldn't catch up with him now anyway. So, he just turned around and disappeared quickly into the dark night.

With a sigh, Harper told Sam he could go to bed, and she stayed at the bedside of Chodak in case he had a fever and his conditions worsened.

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