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   Chapter 508 Journey To The Holy Chant Temple. (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6194

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Harper ordered the maids to prepare a sumptuous dinner, waiting for Matthew to come back. But before he came back, she received a piece of news.

Staring at Robert, she said, "What did you just say? Repeat it!"

Casting a glance at Harper, Robert got scared, as the look on her face was so fierce. Immediately, he replied, "Lord Charles is critically ill."

Harper finally understood that Charles was seriously ill.

"Will he die of his illness?" Harper asked indifferently. She cared nothing about Charles, who had always been heartless. So when she heard that Charles was seriously ill, she was not sad even for a second.

Robert responded with hesitation, "I think it's possible. My Lady, your medical skills are exemplary. How about...?"

Harper glared at Robert. Seeing the intense look on her face, he decided not to continue. The woman in front of him was not soft-heartened. What Charles had done to her before was criminal. Now that he was on his deathbed, she should feel happy upon hearing the news. At the thought of this, he guessed that she wouldn't have any pity on her so-called father.

"Anyway, he is my father. Now that he is seriously ill, I will go to see him," Harper said slowly. However, she felt a bit strange for Charles to be critically ill at this time.

"Thank you, My Lady." Robert breathed a sigh of relief at last. If Harper was unwilling to visit Charles, he was really worried that Charles wouldn't really die.

Harper didn't answer, but asked with a frown, "How was his condition when you left the Holy Chant Temple?"

Robert thought for a while before answering, "He was pretty fine."

Harper slightly squinted her eyes as she sensed something strange. Three days had already passed since Robert's return from the Holy Chant Temple. According to what he said, Charles had been fine three days ago, b

n him rose up again.

"Where is Harper?" Matthew asked in a serious tone.

"Her Highness's father is seriously ill, so she proceeded to the Holy Chant Temple," Jack reported to Matthew hurriedly.

"Did she go there alone?" Matthew was worried upon hearing the news. He wondered why Charles was suddenly ill.

"Her Highness waited for you for quite a long time. But since you weren't back, she went to find the imperial monk to ask if he would accompany her to..." Before Jack could finish his words, Matthew had already disappeared from his sight.

Harper's carriage drove out of the imperial capital before the gate was closed, and was heading straight to the Holy Chant Temple. Although the temple wasn't that far from the imperial capital, it would still take about a few hours to get there. Harper had ordered her maids to prepare some cakes. "Master Chodak, I'm sorry that I interrupted your dinner. Please have some desserts now."

Chodak didn't refuse. He picked up a piece of cake and began to eat. Harper poured a cup of hot tea and handed it to him at the right time. Looking at her, who was leaning against the wall of the carriage, he nibbled on the cake and said slowly, "Don't worry. I'm sure he'll be fine."

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