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   Chapter 506 Get Jealous (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5857

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"No way!" Francis had no hesitation in his refusal. He had a righteous look on his face and his eyes were full of defiance.

Matthew raised his eyebrows and asked, "Why do you refuse?"

"If I remember correctly, you yourself hadn't been intimate with anyone before getting married," Francis said in a low voice, with a glance at Harper. "I won't, either."

"I have already been married." Matthew shifted his eyes to Harper. A very faint smile crept onto his face. It would have been too faint to notice easily, but Francis noticed it.

"I don't want to go to bed with any random woman," Francis said, enunciating his words clearly. "It is unnecessary for me to be taught. Men are born knowing how to do that."

Matthew narrowed his eyes. He was a little surprised to hear the aversion and dissatisfaction in Francis' tone. After all, Francis had always had a mild attitude towards others, even when he was angry.

"Are you in love with someone?" Matthew asked tentatively. If Francis really had fallen in love with someone, he would spare no expense to get Francis in bed with that girl by any means. It was the only way he could feel at ease.

"No, I'm not," Francis said, shaking his head. "But I don't want many women. It's enough for me to have just one woman."

Harper heard this as she finished the acupuncture treatment on Francis. She stroked his head as if she were quite familiar with him. "You are a good man!"

Embarrassed, Francis turned his face around and said, "Aunt Harper, I'm not a child. Will you stop stroking my head?"

Matthew didn't have such a mild temper as Francis. He held Harper in his arms and reminded her, "It's improper for you to touch his head."

Harper looked confounded, but she wouldn't contrad

"I don't want to quit halfway. Why are you displeased? I'm just trying to give help to someone who needs it." Harper was puzzled. Matthew had agreed about treating Francis in the first place, and now it seemed as if he didn't want her to treat him. She had no idea what was going on in his mind.

"You don't know why?" Matthew asked with vexation. He was very jealous of Francis at the moment, but his wife seemed to have no understanding of it. Her incomprehension made his gloom even worse.

"I don't know," Harper answered with complete honesty. Since the beginning of their marriage, she had seen various emotions on his face, but he had never pulled such a long face in front of her. She really couldn't imagine why.

Matthew looked in her eyes long and hard, and then he turned around and walked out. "Don't talk with me until you figure out why."

Seeing Matthew walking out of the room and disappearing from the Phoenix House, Harper shifted her puzzled eyes to Nina and asked, "What's wrong with him?"

Nina could only shake her head. "My Lady, His Highness came back with you, didn't he? You should know what's wrong with him better than me."

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