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   Chapter 501 Francis Leaves The Imperial Palace

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 11086

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That very night, something terrible happened in the Imperial Palace.

The Imperial Academy of Medicine and the emperor himself were startled to find Francis' condition worsening, even to the point that he was spitting up blood.

It was a macabre scene in the Jade Palace, all the more so with Sherry crying bitterly at Francis' bedside.

The emperor's heart ached as he watched, and he felt quite useless. "How's Francis?" he asked quietly.

"Your Majesty, Prince Francis..." Kenny began, then trailed off. Privately, he decided that he would return to his hometown after this disaster. He'd had enough of the tumult and trouble that went on in the imperial capital.

"Tell me!" snapped the emperor.

The other man steeled himself, then raised his voice. "Your Majesty, Prince Francis is dying. He has been very weak. All his internal organs are beginning to fail. If things keep going on like this, he won't last more than three months."

Not far away, poor Sherry flinched as though she'd been struck. "No! Francis, please don't leave me. Your Majesty, save my son. He is still so young. He hasn't gone out of the Imperial Palace, but he..."

The woman trailed off, and presently Francis awoke. Upon seeing the emperor at his bedside, he struggled and tried to get up, but the old man waved his hand and said, "You are too weak to move, little one. Stay put and rest."

A strange smile took hold of the young man's face. "Father, why is my mother crying like this? Am I dying?"

"Nonsense!" the emperor answered, far too quickly. "You have just gotten worse. The imperial physician will cure you. Don't trouble yourself with worrying. The most important thing is to have a good rest."

Francis shook his head. "Father, I want to get out of the Imperial Palace."

The emperor tried to smile reassuringly. "When you get well, you'll be able to go out. But as long as your health is poor, you need to stay here in your room."

Francis' tone turned bitter, but gentle. "Father, please don't lie to me. I heard what the physician said. I don't have much time left."

The old man's mouth opened, but he could think of nothing at all to say. It was true that Francis was very weak and was about to die. But if the emperor allowed him to leave the Imperial Palace now, he would become an object of public denunciation.

"Father, I have never been out of the Imperial Palace. I want to live a life of my own now, especially since I don't have much of it left. I want to see the world and the scenery outside of this place." Expectation was all over the young man's face.

"But your health..."

"Father, I have never begged you for anything before. Please let me out of the palace. My mother is crying over me all day long, and I can't bear it. Father, please, let me out."

The old man sputtered, "But..."

"Your Majesty, please say yes," choked Sherry, turning to him. "I don't want my boy to have any regrets."

For a miserable moment, the room was quiet. Then the emperor nodded, "Well, I'll send some people to prepare a mansion for you. You can leave and stay there. Moreover, I'll send some physicians with you."

"Thank you, Father, Mother." But even as Francis said this, he sank back into his bed and fell asleep. He looked so weak that he seemed like a transparent bubble which co

slower, subtler decline in health.

It surprised Harper that Sherry would adopt such a desperate strategy to weaken her son even further, so as to get him out of the Imperial Palace. Setting that aside for the moment, though, Harper used some medicine to strengthen Francis' vital energy. His poisoning had taken place over a long course of many years, so it would take several months before he was restored to normal health.

Two hours passed as Harper worked. Unable to bear the silence, Owen spoke up in a choked voice. His face was streaked with tears. "Your Highness, what happened to Prince Francis?"

"Don't worry. He's not going to die," she said without raising her head. She continued to apply acupuncture treatment. After she'd pushed the last needle into his skin, Francis finally moaned and opened his eyes. The light troubled him, though, and he closed his eyes again soon. Realizing that he was no long in the Jade Palace, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"Am I already out of the Imperial Palace?" he murmured.

"Yes, but you almost lost your life," Harper replied as she gingerly extracted the needles. "Do you even know what you have done? You knew that you were weak, but you still took that medicine which had made you even weaker. If not for me, you would be dead now."

The sick prince fixed his eyes on her and smiled weakly. "I don't think I'll die with you here, so I'm not worried at all."

With a snort, Harper gently rapped her knuckles against his forehead. "As a patient, you should take care of yourself. This is a punishment!"

Francis laughed heartily, even though it hurt. Harper shook her head and thought, 'He is so optimistic. How can he still laugh while in such a state?'

"Your Highness, you finally woke up! I was so worried about you! I was afraid that you would die!" Owen said.

"Don't say anything about death!" Harper was on her feet in an instant. Now it was Owen's turn to take a blow to the head, and he got it harder than Francis had. Wincing, Owen nursed his temple. Though he wanted to cry, he struggled and restrained himself. He looked so pitiful and silly that Francis laughed again.

"Sorry to trouble you, Aunt Harper," Francis said.

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