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   Chapter 498 Why Are You Not Pregnant Yet

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 11018

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Harper's long absence from their mansion made Matthew exceedingly anxious. At last, he went out to search for her, and happened to meet her just as she was coming out of the street where the ambush had occurred.

"Harper, why..." As soon as Matthew reached Harper, he caught a faint whiff of blood. Then he looked at Fred and Forsythia behind her and noticed that they were in a mess. "Are you injured?" he asked Harper with urgent concern.

Harper shook her head and replied, "No, I am not hurt. Forsythia was injured. On our way home, we encountered a dog that was biting people. We were caught off guard."

Matthew frowned. On the secure streets of the imperial capital, no rabid dog would show up suddenly and start biting people. They must have been attacked by someone. But he told Harper at once, "Go back home first."

Harper followed Matthew and came back home. When the patrol guards patrolled the street where the ambush had just occurred, the street was clean, without even a single corpse, or a drop of blood on the ground.

"Who is on patrol in this area tonight?" Ken asked, looking at the guards behind him.

"General, Nathan Luo should be on patrol in this neighborhood tonight."

"Where is he now?" Ken asked in puzzlement. The street was quiet and clean, but there was a faint smell of blood in the air, which hinted that there had just been a fight on this street.

Everyone looked at each other oddly. Nathan Luo was on duty today, but he didn't show up. 'Is he in danger?' they wondered.

"Send someone to find him, now!"


At last, they found Nathan Luo and his men in a small tavern, and they were all drunk. Seeing the group of guards drunk in there, Ken was livid, but they found nothing after searching that street. At last, the group of guards were disciplined.

"General, is that street..." someone asked.

Ken stopped him abruptly. "Curb your curiosity. Don't ask what you shouldn't ask, and don't tell others what you shouldn't tell." He knew that the sort of people who could do this without leaving any traces were assassins of the rarest ability. But since no damage had been done, he turned a blind eye to it. If there had been any deaths or injuries, he would be zealous to find the criminals.

Moreover, no one reported the case to him after that night, so Ken left the whole thing behind.

After the breakfast, Harper headed to the empress's palace. Ulterior motives lay behind this seemingly innocent invitation to view the flowers. Now that Hoffman and Michelle had lost their positions and power completely, Felix had no competitors. Thus, the empress wanted to give a warning to Harper.

"Your Majesty, Princess Harper is here."

"Harper is here? Just let her in," the empress said with a gentle smile. "I know Harper is quite busy now. I just invited her to appreciate the flowers. She is late."

Harper heard these words as she arrived at the entrance. She strode in and said, "Greetings, Your Majesty and all ladies present."

"Harper, you don't need to be so ceremonious," the empress said.

"Your Majesty, you sent me an invitation, telling me to come to the Imperial Palace at about nine forty-five. I wouldn't want to annoy you by being late. Fortunately, it's only nine thirty. I'm not late." Harper chuckl

Matthew are the only brothers of His Majesty. Allen has a son and a daughter, but the youngest brother of His Majesty, your husband Matthew, still has no son. Thus, it's natural for His Majesty to worry about him. Harper, please don't feel pressured."

"Thank you for your concern, Your Majesty. I will let Matthew how you and His Majesty care for him." Harper stressed the last three words. 'Ha! The idea that you care for us, ' she thought bitterly. From the tea, to the blooming plum blossoms, and the incense in the room, all of them were arranged impeccably due to the empress's "deep concern." The empress was able to keep her position for so many years because she so knew how to use numerous methods to do it. Otherwise, she would have failed to stabilize her power.

The empress's eyes glistened with joy, and her smile became warmer. "I've said before, you are gentle and kind. Those rumor-mongers often said that you were green with envy, and even forced Matthew's concubines to commit suicide..."

The empress paused, and gently covered her mouth with her hand. "Look at me. I just mentioned these unpleasant things again by accident."

"It doesn't matter, Your Majesty. I'm used to it," Harper smiled. "After all, men who are like Matthew are very rare to see. I'm lucky to be loved by him, and of course it's natural for some women to envy me. After all, I don't even need to worry about sharing my husband's love with other women."

The faces of the concubines dropped gloomily when they heard what Harper said. All of them wanted to be loved exclusively by their husband, but he was the most powerful man in the world. It was impossible for them to be his one and only. It was just an idle dream for any concubine to hope that the emperor would love her alone. The imperial palace had no lack of young and gorgeous beauties. The emperor got bored with old pleasures and took delight in novelty. It was to be regarded as a great mercy even if the emperor didn't treat them shabbily. Matthew, on the other hand, was fond of Harper exclusively. In order to protect her, he had even fought with the emperor and all the important officials. How could they not be jealous of her!

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