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   Chapter 458 Fighting Back (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6429

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Harrison never imagined that they would be so lucky as to find Hoffman lost in the desert on their way to Hillside City.

Hoffman was ready to cry tears of joy when he saw Harrison. He rushed over to him, grabbed a water bag and drank desperately. He had been eating cacti for days, and the cool water from the water bag was a balm to the bitter taste in his mouth.

Looking at the disheveled Hoffman, Harrison frowned and asked him, "Your Highness, where are the others now?"

Hoffman drank up the water bag in one gulp. His spirit gradually revived. "They're all lost. At that time, we were driven into a corner and forced to flee into the desert because of Huey. We had split into many small groups, and some of the groups gathered together while some of them wandered alone. Now, there are only a few of us left. We don't know where the others are."

Harrison waved his hand, and the soldiers behind him immediately began to line up and surround Hoffman's men—more than three thousand soldiers. Hoffman's soldiers were so bewildered that they couldn't react. Before they knew what was happening, Harrison's soldiers had already raised their weapons and started slaughtering them. Soon, more than three thousand soldiers were dead. The sand was dyed red with their blood.

"Uncle, what...what are you doing?" Hoffman spat out, terrified by this sudden slaughter.

"These men have been following you. They know the reason why you are trapped in the desert and why two hundred thousand soldiers at the Grand Pass all got sick overnight. This information cannot be allowed to spread. They had to die," Harrison answered grimly.

Hoffman suddenly understood. If anyone found out that he had fallen into a honey trap which almost led to the death of two hundred thousand soldiers, it would leave a grave stigma upon him.

"Then what should we do next?" Hoffman asked.

Harrison asked the guide how far it was fro

tacked the city, they neither retreated nor fought back. It seemed that they were stalling for time!

"Oh no! Their reinforcements must be on the way!" Huey said in a flash of insight. He finally understood why Jordan was unwilling to abandon the Grand Pass. There must be someone in the city who knew how to lead the army well, and was able to command the soldiers. This man also intimidated Jordan so much that Jordan didn't dare to run away.

"Damn!" He roared and trembled with fury. "Attack! The Grand Pass must be taken forthwith! The real commander in the Grand Pass is so calm. I think he is stalling for time and waiting for reinforcements. If the reinforcements come and we still haven't taken the city, this battle will be too difficult to win."


On Huey's orders, the soldiers of the Moon Country rushed towards the gate like crazed men. On the top of the gate tower, Jordan was trembling with fear at the scene. If it weren't for Howard, he would have run away a long time ago. Howard had warned Jordan that his whole family would die if he ran away. For only that reason, Jordan chose to stay and guarded the city. Running away would lead only to his death, anyway, but there was still hope of winning the battle against Huey if they didn't give up.

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