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   Chapter 457 Hoffman In A Predicament (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5988

Updated: 2020-06-02 00:03

Hoffman led his men to find a way out of the desert. They had been trapped there for six full days. They had used up the water they had brought, and had only a small amount of food left. Their mouths were dry, so they didn't want to eat any food even though they were very hungry.

"Your Highness, please keep your spirit up. We will definitely find a way out," Bill encouraged him as he helped the prince get up by hand. Their lips were dry with blood stains, and there was no saliva left in their mouths. In such a hot desert, even a bucket of water would quickly dry up, let alone saliva.

Hoffman felt exhausted. When he was in the south domain, he had participated in several minor skirmishes with Harrison before, but he had never been in such a miserable situation. He had lost his way in the desert and had almost no supplies of food and drink. If it kept going on like this, they would die of thirst in two days.

More and more of his men collapsed on the way, and once they fell down, they would never get up again. The hot weather made them extremely thirsty, and the hot air penetrated into their bodies. What was worse, the temperature varied greatly between day and night. Anyone with poor health couldn't endure it for long.

"Hold on, lads! Don't fall to the ground. After we get back to the Grand Pass, we'll get water. Water, wine, and meat! Everything you need!" Seeing several more people falling to the ground, Bill encouraged his subordinates desperately. He couldn't let the five thousand soldiers with him die one by one. The others who couldn't be found were probably in the same situation as them.

"Your Highness, may we stop and have a rest? We can't move an inch further." Some soldiers sat down on the ground. Even if the sand was scalding, they just want

was not delicious, in fact, it tasted terrible, but the water it contained was the best medicine to save their lives. Hoffman led his surviving men through the desert to find a way out.

Three days later, their morale was down again. Although Hoffman had delivered a great speech, the desert was too vast and it was difficult to tell directions. Even if they managed to find more cacti, they would not keep them alive forever. Perhaps they would reach an area with no cacti. At that time, they would definitely die!

Hoffman couldn't stand it any longer. He lay down on the ground and looked up at the dazzling sun. A distant hillside was covered with dust. It seemed that something was about to emerge from the horizon.

Hoffman blinked his eyes and suddenly saw a horse rushing out of the dust. Following that, more horses appeared on the distant hillside, one after another. Hoffman quickly sat up and rubbed his eyes. He widened his eyes and stared. There were humans on the horses!

"Hey! Help! Help!" Hoffman rose to his feet and waved at the people in the distance. At this moment, he didn't care whether they were from the Bright Dynasty or the Moon Country. He wanted to live!

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