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   Chapter 434 Volunteering For Battle (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6302

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"I'll give you two hundred thousand soldiers for this battle. Are you confident about your victory?" It was clear that the emperor wanted to give Hoffman a chance to make contributions. The Moon Country was small with a population of a little more than one hundred thousand. However, the emperor offered two hundred thousand soldiers to Hoffman. Victory was easy for Hoffman and it didn't matter what his tactics were.

"Yes, I'm confident. Father, just wait for the news of my victory."

"Hoffman, the Moon Country is quite far away and you will have to encounter many dangers. You must be careful," Felix reminded Hoffman. It was sure that Hoffman didn't face much threat from the Moon Country, but there were also some other forces who were hiding in the dark to strike against him.

"Thank you for reminding me. I will be careful," Hoffman said proudly. For a moment, he thought about his victorious return from the battle. At that moment, he felt himself as a tiger which had got itself an additional pair of wings. He also anticipated that after his victory, even Felix would be no match for him.

"Well, time waits for none. Three days later, gather around, review the soldiers and set out for your mission. The Ministry of Revenue will make arrangements for the food at the earliest and send it to the border. You can rest assured." The emperor was worried about Hoffman, so he assured Hoffman that he didn't need to rush. He provided all the facilities required, including food supplies, so that he could see Hoffman victorious.

"Yes, Father. I will surely accomplish my mission," Hoffman reassured the emperor.

Hoffman's mission to the battlefield was on expected grounds. Due to the assassination attempt, Felix was weak, so he couldn't go even if he wanted to. Matthew already had outstanding military achievements. So personally, he didn't need to suppress a sm

man was sure to win this time owing to the unsymmetrical number of soldiers he was taking with, but Michelle didn't know about that. She was worried about her son's safety, but she said nothing about it. She endured her tears and found an excuse to let the emperor drink with her.

Michelle exactly knew the kind of woman the emperor preferred. Although she was inferior in rank, she was Harrison's sister. For the sake of Harrison, the emperor wouldn't make things difficult for her. Moreover, she gave birth to Hoffman. She used this opportunity to make the emperor feel sorry for her and love her more.

"Well, don't drink anymore, dear. You may topple over," the emperor said gently. "Don't worry. Everything is going to be fine."

"Your Majesty." Michelle choked with sobs. "I'm glad. Hoffman always wants to fight for the Bright Dynasty even at the risk of his life. Now he has his opportunity. He finally gets what he wants. I'm happy for him."

Hearing this, the emperor felt even happier. He softly held her arms and said, "Well, don't cry. It makes my heart ache. After Hoffman returns in triumph, I am going to promote your rank."

Michelle's eyes brightened, but she kept silent. Leaning against the emperor, she was like a meek cat.

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