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   Chapter 432 Lies

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"Your Highness, that woman is awake now," a guard came to report. The woman he referred to was Rena. Back then in order to save her from the military camp of the Black Flag Army, Felix lost dozens of his men.

Felix's eyes glimmered. He believed that perhaps through Rena he could find out the reason why his father aimed at Harper.

"I'll go and have a look," Felix said.

After Rena was saved from the military camp, there were indications that she had lost her mind. She was always claiming that she was Matthew's woman, and did many ridiculous things. If it weren't because he thought she might be of some use, Felix might have thrown her out already.

"Greetings, Your Highness." Rena was awake. Although she had been mad for quite a while, she could still remember her past clearly. She still believed that it was Harper's doing that she was thrown into the military camp.

"Do you know why I saved you?" Felix looked at Rena who appeared to be normal and was dressed properly. Somehow, it seemed that she had some mysterious resemblance to Harper.

Rena shook her head and then nodded. "I don't know why you saved me, but since it has taken you so much effort, I suppose you had a good reason."

Rena's face was impassive, but the hatred in her heart was growing. Whenever she remembered how she had been tortured by the men in the military camp, she wanted to tear Harper into pieces.

"Why did Uncle Matthew throw you into the military camp? I want to know the truth," Felix asked her slowly.

"Because I tried to assassinate Harper Chu." Rena knew that it would be foolish not to cooperate. If her answers didn't satisfy Felix, he could easily make her life miserable again.

"Who detoxified Matthew?" Felix was actually more interested in the answer to this question.

"It was Harper Chu."

Felix was surprised. He now totally understood why the emperor wanted to target Harper. The emperor realized that it was Harper who had detoxified Matthew.

"Is what you're saying true?"

"Perfectly true."

"If she could detoxify Uncle Matthew by herself, why did he need people from the Medical Valley?" Felix asked in confusion. Was she intending to make the people of the Medical Valley the scapegoats?

"There was a herb she had to use to detoxify Prince Matthew. It happened that only the Medical Valley had it. At that time, I followed Denny to the imperial capital and learned that they were looking for that herb. I told them that the Medical Valley had it. Prince Matthew promised us that if the Medical Valley gave him the herb and my father and Denny could detoxify him, he would take me as his concubine. But we didn't realize that Harper was a jealous woman, and we didn't know what trick she played against us to make something go wrong during the process when we were trying to detoxify Prince Matthew. He almost died of the toxins." While she delivered her account to Felix, her face was twisted with hatred, and she wished bitterly that she could skin Harper at that very moment.

"And what happened next?"

"The moment when we failed, I knew it was her who played the trick against us. I was ready to kill her at that moment, but she dodged me and shifted the blame to us. She then took advantage of he

e had always thought that Harper was a weak woman, easy to take advantage of. Now it seemed that he had been completely fooled by deceptive appearances. This woman was not weak. She was as hard as nails. She fooled many people with her delicate facade.

"She is gentle and polite to everyone." After he thought it over, the only impressions that Murry could remember were that she always seemed gentle and polite, with a graceful smile.

"Do you know that Charles' beloved concubine, as well as Howard and his sister, were beaten down by her?" Felix asked with an ironic smile. "Do you still think she is gentle and polite?"

"Your Highness, Lady Harper is indeed gentle and courteous. Survival in a big clan has always been cruel. She wants to survive, true. She's still alive because she won. But even after winning, she is still courteous and modest." Murry had a high opinion of Harper, and it was incredible to him that she deceived the world.

"She is an interesting woman," Felix said with a smile. "She will protect those she admires. Those she loves..."

Felix was silent. She cherished Zack and Caroline of the Bu Clan, and she would defend them with her life. For Matthew, whom she loved, what would she not do? For his sake she would sacrifice everything, even if she had to fight against everyone else in the world.

"Your Highness, there's no doubt that Lady Harper is a very good wife."

"Yeah, she's a damn good wife." Felix was jealous. He was the crown prince, the next in line to the throne, and yet his wife was always jealous of his concubines. Meanwhile, Matthew, who had been ignored by his parents since he was young, and had always been oppressed by his brother, had such an extraordinary wife to support him. It was so unfair.

"Your Highness." A guard suddenly rushed in, looking anxious.

Felix frowned and scolded, "What do you think you're doing? Have you seen a ghost in broad daylight? How dare you barge in like this!"

The guard stopped and straightened quickly. He swallowed hard, and said, "Your Highness, there is urgent news from the frontier. Moon Country, a small country on the west of the border, rebelled!"

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