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   Chapter 427 The Power Holder (Part Two)

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"So that explains it.

Such being the case, I will dismiss the charges against Prince Matthew," said Franklin immediately.

"No. Give the reports of the charges to me. I will handle them," the emperor said slowly. "Besides, there's another matter that I'd like to hear the Cabinet's opinion on."

"Go ahead, Your Majesty."

The emperor turned to look at Zack, who was standing behind Franklin. "Hoffman is already twenty years old, but he still hasn't officially married anyone yet. There are only two concubines by his side. On the other hand, Matthew only has a wife but no concubine..."

It wasn't until the emperor mentioned Matthew that Zack finally realized that the main reason behind this announcement was Matthew himself, while Hoffman only served as a cover. The emperor wanted to give women to Matthew. However, as long as Matthew refused, nobody dared send one to his side. Zack believed Matthew was faithful to Harper.

"Your Majesty, do you want to choose a wife for Prince Hoffman?"

"Yes. The Cabinet should deal with that matter. Prepare a list of the unmarried daughters of courtiers at the third rank and above, Franklin," the emperor said, shifting his eyes to Franklin. "Then you should go through the list and select the most suitable ones for me to review. After selecting ones for Hoffman, you have to select two concubines for Matthew as well."

Franklin managed to stay calm and collected, without the least change in his expression. "Yes, Your Majesty."

"By the way, Franklin, isn't your daughter also unmarried?" the emperor asked slowly. 'If I let Caroline be Matthew's concubine, will he refuse to accept her?' he thought. Harper and Caroline were good friends and had been getting along well. The emperor believed that even Harper wouldn't be able to prevent Caroline from entering Matthew's mansion.

"Your Majesty, my daughter is engaged to the Kong Clan's eldest son, George Kong. The mar

risk Harper's life. The less people know about it, the better."

Franklin didn't understand why Zack had made such a decision. "His Majesty has already thought of dealing with her. I'm afraid that she will have a hard time in the future. The reason why His Majesty ordered us to do this is because he wants to drive a wedge between Harper and our Bu Clan."

"I understand that, so will Harper," Zack said slowly. "Father, we have never joined any faction. Now that you are about to retire, I think it should be I who will decide which path our Bu Clan is going to take from now on. Do you agree with me?"

Hearing that, shrewd light flashed through Franklin's eyes. The court was in chaos. Felix and Hoffman had respectively formed their factions; the neutral courtiers had formed a faction; Matthew had formed a faction. Since the Bu Clan had been a renowned family of scholars for generations, it was unnecessary for them to join any faction. However, now that his son had made a decision, Franklin wouldn't stop him either.

"You will be the power holder of our Bu Clan. No matter what decision you make, you must prioritize the interest of the Bu Clan. I won't stop you as long as what you're going to do won't put the Bu Clan in danger."

"Thank you for your support, Father."

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