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   Chapter 426 The Power Holder (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6204

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After Matthew left with Harper, the emperor felt his legs had gone so weak that he could barely stand. He had always dared to treat Matthew so maliciously because he knew he wouldn't fight back. But this time, things were different. Matthew had the audacity to actually threaten the destruction of the entire Bright Dynasty all for the sake of a woman.

"Your Majesty, are you all right?" Andy hurried to the emperor's side to support him and help him sit down on his chair.

A while later, the emperor could still feel the chill spreading through him. It was the first time he had felt a killing intent emit from Matthew's body. It was so real and terrifying. The intent was so acute that he wasn't certain Matthew wouldn't have hesitated to kill him in a fit of rage if he'd really done something to Harper.

"Andy, how dare he treat me in this way?!" the emperor growled in a trembling voice. "I'm the emperor of the country. How could he treat me like this only because of a woman?!"

"Your Majesty, please don't be angry. Lady Harper is rather precious to Prince Matthew. He must have misunderstood the situation, Your Majesty. Otherwise, he wouldn't have done that," Andy said hastily in order to comfort the emperor. The emperor knew clearly how important Harper was for Matthew, but he had still chosen to try Matthew's bottom line. In fact, Andy could fully understand why Matthew was so angry.

"I'm just angry. All of this because of a woman!" The emperor banged the table in rage. There were so many beautiful women in the world. Matthew could have any woman he wanted. Instead, he was willing to go far enough to threaten him for the sake of a good-for-nothing woman.

Andy didn't know what to say. To others, Harper was merely an ordinary woman. But to Matthew, she was a treasure. It was clear to everyone how he doted on her. Andy b

in his life, he announced Matthew's rehabilitation in the meeting. He admitted that Matthew hadn't sent anybody to assassinate Felix, and that he had, instead, sent people to protect him. If it weren't for him, Felix would have already died.

Hearing that, the Cabinet ministers all let out a gasp of surprise. They suspected that Matthew had threatened the emperor. After all, it wasn't long since Matthew had broken into the Imperial Study in a rage and taken Harper away. They guessed that the emperor might have done something to Harper that had angered Matthew.

"Your Majesty, did Crown Prince Felix tell you this personally?" Franklin asked the emperor for confirmation.

"Yes. Felix said that there was another group of people who were out to assassinate him, and that it was Matthew's men who came to his rescue. Moreover, he had been poisoned and it was Harper who helped give him the antidote." When the emperor mentioned that Harper was the one to heal Felix, a shimmer flashed in Zack's eyes. However, Franklin maintained his countenance. He had taken his son to the Cabinet meeting because he wanted to hand Zack the reins and have him fulfill his duty. After Zack was familiar with his role, he would quit the court.

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